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Hi-Fi Equipment Manufacturers

A&A Audio Power Amplifier official site

Aaron - German amplifier manufacturer

Abrahamsson Audio Power Amplifiers, official page

Accuphase - High-end and well regarded Japanese electronics

ACI(Audio Concepts, Inc) with speakers and accessories

Acoustic Energy - 10 years of excellence in speakers designs

Acoustic Research - Speakers specialist

Acoustic Sciences Corporation, official page

Acoustic Signature official site (In German)

Acoustic Solutions - Bass traps to control room distortions

Acurus - US based maker of audio components known for its value for money

Adcom - American manufacturer of solid-state hi-fi and home theater equipment

Aerial Acoustics - Highly regarded model 10T speakers (presented by Acoustic Image)

Air Tight - Tube amplifier manufacturer

AKG Acoustics amplifiers, official page

Alchemist(In Italian)

Aliante - Italian audiophile speakers with beautiful finishings

Allusion Audio - Speakers manufacturer and importer of German Physiks speakers

Alon (Acarian) - Range of audiophile speakers (official site)

ALR/Jordan official site

Altec Lansing - Manufacturers of speakers and audio components

Alternity official site

Ambiance Acoustics - Read about the California Cube loudspeakers

Ambience official site

Ambisonic Surround Sound at

Ambisonic home page at the University of York

AMC - Audio / Video components manufacturer

AMC (Unofficial) - Get more info for AMC products

American Power & Light

American Technology Corporation

Amplifier Technologies Inc - Affordable audiophile solid-state amps

Angstrom - Amps and 'Home Entertainment Director'
Angstrom(in Italian)

Anthem(More affordable line from Sonic Frontiers)

Antique Sound USA - Affordable US made tube amps, looks good

AOS official site(In German)

Aragon - Well known brand of American made amplifiers, pre-amps etc.

Ares Sound, official page

Arion Acoustic - Valve amplifier and hi-fi distributor

Aronov Audio - Amplifiers for tube enthusiasts

Ashly Audio Inc with amplifiers and more

Atma-Sphere - Audiophile amplifiers - mostly tubes
Atma-Sphere Music Systems official site

Audio Artistry - The renown Beethoven, Dvorak & Vivaldi speakers

Audio by Van Alstine - Direct purchase affordable components

Audio Concepts, Inc. - Speakers manufacturer - known for their subwoofers

Audio Control official site

Audio Logic

Audio Marginal official site (Need PDF reader)

Audio Note - UK site of this revered high end manufacturer
Audio Note(in French)

Audio Power Industries - The well-known Power Wedge series

Audio-Relief-Technologies(in French) official site

Audio Research - At last, the official page of a great components manufacturer
Audio Research(in Italian)

Audio Valve - German high end tube amplifiers

Audio-Tronic official site

Audiodata Elektroakustik official site(In German)

Audiodyne - Omnidirectional speakers, cables and accessories

Audiovector official site

Aural Symphonics

Auriga Design Orbital Class loudspeakers official site

Aurus - Swedish loudspeakers manufacturer

Audire Inc - Power amps and pre-amps

Avantgarde Acoustic - Exotic German horns  for audiophiles

Avolon Acoustics - Well regraded, high-end speakers

B&K Components - Hi-fi and video electronics

B & W - The official home page of the popular English speakers maker
B&W, in french

Bag End - The respected name in subwoofers and speakers

Balanced Audio Technology - Highly regarded tubes power and pre-amps
Ambrosia's Balanced Audio Technology

Baltlines Audio - European hi-fi and home theater speakers

Bang & Olufsen - Designer audio components for discerning enthusiasts

Bartolucci double C-core output-transformers, official site

Bass and DIY Loudspeakers Archives

Beam Echo Limited - English manufacturer of tubes amplifiers
Beam-Echo presented by Fräs Audio

Bel Canto Design - Beautiful tube and solid-state amplifiers

BGW Systems - US based amplifier and subwoofer systems

Billy Bags Design - Custom design racks and stands

Blue Circle Audio Inc.  - Canadian audio components manufacturer of reference quality, hand-made audio components and accessories.

Bocchino Audio official site

Bohlender Graebener Corp - Makers of magnetic planar transducers

Bose - The well known hi-fi components manufacturer
Bose pages in Italy

Boston Acoustics - Home-theater speakers systems
Boston Acoustics official site

Bryston - A Canadian audio electronics manufacturer

Cabasse SCA - Unique French loudspeakers

Cabasse Electroaccoustique

Cadence official site

Caig Laboratories, official page

California Audio Labs - Audio amplifiers, CD players and others
California Audio Labs official site
California Audio Labs(in Italian)
California Audio Labs (AudioFX)

Cambridge Audio presented by Datateam's Home

Cambridge SoundWorks - Makes various kinds of loudspeakers

Camelot Technologies - US based digital components and cables

Canare Corporation of America official site

Cardas official site

Carver Corporation - Manufactures consumer and professional audio systems

Cary - In the forefront of tube amplifiers
Cary Audio Presented by The audible Difference

Cello - Mark Levinson's creations (presented by Audio Revolution)

Chiro official site

Chord Electronics -Amplifiers and Preamps (Presented by Audio Influx)

Cinepro - Powerful audio/video amplifiers

Circle Surround by Audio Dimensions

Classé Audio official site

Cliffhanger - Audio manufacturer - speakers, amps, preamps (by Needletalk Audio)
Cliffhanger Audio Systems official site

Clockwork Audio (In German)

Clou Cable

Coincident Speaker Technology - The "Troubador" speaker

Confluence official site(In French)

Conrad Johnson - State-of-the art tube amps  (byNorthampton Audio)

Copland presented by Datateam's Home

Counterpoint Electronic Systems, Inc. - California based tube and solid-state audio equipment

Creek - British manufacturer of amplifiers and CD players

CR Development - English power and line level amps

Crown International - Makers of amplifiers , cross-overs and accessories

Curcio Audio Engineering - Amplifier and components manufacturer
Curcio Audio Engineering with tube amplifiers and dacs

Cyrus - UK's popular audio components manufacturer (sister company of Mission)

Dali official site

Dana Audio - Produces the Dana bookshelf speaker

Daniels Audio official site

Davidson Loudspeakers official site

DCM - Home-theater speakers specialist

dCS Elgar - The exciting audiophile Pre-amp/DAC
dCS(with 96 kHz DACs) by Canorus

Decware official page

Definitive Technology - Makers of bipolar, direct radiating and surround speakers, and subwooofers.

Denon, Japan - Well regarded range of audiophile and home theater components
Denon by AudioFX

Densen Audio Technologies - Danish amplifiers

Deutsches High-Fidelity Institute

DH Cones - Ceramic stands which enhance your audio system 

Digital Domain by Bob Katz

Digital Phase - Loudspeakers using special Acousta-Reed technology

Doxa amplifiers

Dunlavy Audio Labs official site

Duntech - Australia's high-end loudspeakers

Dynaco, official site

Dynaudio - Danish speakers manufacturer
Dynaudio official site

Dzurko Acoustics - Speakers

Echelon Loudspeakers official site

Echo Busters - Sound room treatment (presented by Audio Revolution)

EDL inverse RIAA converte, official site

ELAC - German speakers and electronics

Electrocompaniet - High-end Norwegian manufacturer, best known for their amplifiers

Electrofluidics - Manufactures reference-quality loudspeakers

Elliot Audio Science & Engineering - High-end audio products

ELP Laser Turntable reads vinyl with laser

Eminent Technology - Makes multimedia and hi-fi speakers

Empire Audio Furniture - Malaysia's very own audio/video furniture

Enlightened Audio Designs - The official site for great home-theatre components
Enlightened Audio Designs(EAD) presented by Mamas hi-fi

Entec official site

Eosone - Speakers from Arnie Nudell (remember Genisis?)

Epos - British speakers manufacturer
Epos presented by Music Hall

ESP loudspeakers by Acoustic Image
ESP loudspeakers by The Audible Difference

Evett & Shaw - Utah based high-end speakers manufacturer

Fanfare Electronics - High-end tuner manufacturer

Faraz' audio page

Fase Evoluzione Audio - Italian maker of solid state amplifiers and CD players

Fisher - Consumer range of audio / video components and speakers

Forsman VSS- Speaker official site(In Norwegian)

Gallo Acoustics - Maker of the exotic "Necleus"

Gallo Speakers official site

Genelec official site

Genesis Technologies - Renown speakers and the Digital Lens

German Physiks - Speakers featuring "DDD Bendingwave Converter"
German Physiks official site

Goetz - German high-end speakers

Gold Aero - Tubes supplier

Goldmund - High-end Swiss manufacturer of audio components

Gradient - Finnish based speakers for the home

Grado headphones presented by AudioFX

Graham Engineering - Tonearms for the analog fan

Green Mountain Audio - Exotic American speakers

Groove Tubes official site

Gryphon Audio Designs - Highly regarded Danish solid-state amplifiers

Hafler Professional - Amplifiers maker in USA

Hales Design - Very well built high-end speakers

Harbeth Acoustics - UK monitor speakers

Harman International official site

Harman/Kardon official site

Hayes - American speakers

HeadRoom - Manufactures high quality headphone amps

HECO Home HiFi - German speakers

Hegel - Norwegian amps and DACs

Hsu Research - High performance "true" subwoofers

ICL Audio - Japanese single-ended amps with exotic tubes

Impact Technology - Audiophile sound for PC and multimedia

Infinity Systems - High-end US speakers manufacturer

Interactive Labs - Powerful Audio/Video components for the home theatre

ISD HomeTheatre - Speakers from Canada

Jadis - Exotic French tube components
Another Jadis site

Jamo - Danish speakers manufacturer

JBL Inc - Consumer hifi and home-theatre speakers

JBL pro components(often used with tube amps)

Jeff Rowland official page
Jeff Rowland - Well-built solid state amplifiers (presented by Ambrosia)

JM Lab - French high end speakers

Joly Speakers - The controversial Taiwanese speakers

Joule Electra - Exotic handcrafted tube amps

JPS Labs official site
Another JPS Labs site


Kef - Well-known British speakers
KEF unofficial page

Kenwood - Consumer / professional audio and home-theater electronics
Kenwood official page in Italy
Kenwood official page in USA

Kharma/OLS - Impressive line of Dutch Audiophile speakers

Kevin's Vacuum Tube Audio Web Page

Kinergetics Research official site

Klipsch - Established name in horn-loaded speakers

Kora - French exotic tube components and speakers

Koss -- Audiophile and professional head-phones

Krell Industries - Highly regarded high-end solid state amplifiers
Krell(in Italian)

Krix Loudspeakers - Australia's oldest manufacturer of hi-fi and home theatre speakers
Krix Loudspeakers official site

Kurosh CD Cabinet - US$1240 CD Cabinet !?

LAMM Audio Laboratory

Leedh Loudspeakers - Swedish speakers presented by Utility Research
Leedh speakers, page in Swedish

Legacy Audio - High-end speakers and electronics

Lexington Speaker Co - Colorado based speakers manufacturer

Li-Yuan Electronic - Fancy some Taiwanese speakers?

Linn - Established Scottish manufacturer of hifi electronics, turntables and loudspeakers
Linn German site
Linn Knekt site in Australia by Jim Tate Stereo

Llano Design - Hand-built Class A Amplifiers

Loewe official site

Luxman - Established name in Japanese components

M&K Sound - Speakers manufacturer, best known for their subwoofers

Machina Dynamica - Very elaborate vibes isolation and resonance control

Madisound Speaker components

Magnepan - The famous "Maggies" ribbon speakers

Madrigal official site

Magenta official site

Magnepan official site

Magnum Dynalab

Manley Laboratories - Renown makers of tube amplifiers and professional equipment

Manticore Audio Visual - Audiophile turntables and arms

Marantz - The popular Marantz's official home page
Marantz official site

Marchand Electronics Inc with kit or fully assembled amps

Margules Audio - Mexican, read about their Black Box and amps

Mark Levinson - High End products made by Madrigal.

Martin-Logan - Fantastic electrostatic / hybrid speakers
Martin Logan(in Italian)

MBL - Highly regarded German high-end speakers and electronics

McCormack presented by Needletalk Audio

ME Sound Pty Ltd - Australian amplifiers maker

Meadowlark Audio

Meret Audio - Audiophile loudspeakers (presented by Hi-Fi Playground)

Meridian - English company that makes stereo and surround equipment

Meridian Audio official site

Merlin Music System - The VSM/TSM speakers

Mesa Engineering official site

Metaxas Audio Systems - Australian manufacturer of electrostatic speakers & electronics
Metaxas Audio Systems official site

Michael Green Audio Designs - Tunable speakers, room tunes and accessories

Michell Engineering - Maker of the well known Michell GyroDec Turntable (Unofficial)

Micromega by Datateam
Micromega by Needletalk Audio

Minnesota Audio Labs - Push-pull vacuum tube amplifiers

Mirage - Canadian Bipolar and Omnipolar speakers

Mission - Popular British speakers manufacturer

Mondial Designs official site

Monitor Audio - High performance A/V speakers


Mordaunt-Short - English hi-fi and home theater speakers manufacturer

Mosquito - French loud-speakers

MSB Technology official site

Mpingo - Contrversial accessories and "magic"

Music Labs - Power and pre-amplifiers

Musical Fidelity by Datateam

Musical Technology

Myryad - British components (Presented by Audio Influx)

MØRCH Minuet dac

NAD - Consumer audio amplifiers, AV receivers and CD players
NAD official site

NAGRA (by Canorus) - Vacuum-tube, MC/MM phono and line-level preamplifier
NAGRA - Read about the Nagra-D digital audio recorder 'Stereophile' raves about

Naim Audio - Well known name in hi-fi components

Nakamichi official US site
Nakamichi Corporation - Japanese manufacturer of high-end and consumer products

Noice Cancellation Technologies (NCT) official site

NEAR, official site
N.E.A.R. - Metal cones loudspeakers

Neil's Audio Shed

Newform Research - Factory direct ribbons speaker manufacturer

Newspage news about Consumer Audio Products news every day

NHT - Now Hear This...U.S. speakers manufacturer
Another NHT page

Nirvana Audio Accessories official site

Nordost official site

Note Perfect - Australian "loudspeakers for music lovers"

Nova - "Evolution" loud speaker

NSM Loudspeakers official site

NXT, official site for the new loudspeaker technology

Ohm Acoustics - Speakers maker

Onkyo - Japanese audio equipment manufacture's official site

Oracle presented by Datateam's Home

Oracle Loudspeakers, site by a big fan

OSAR - "One Serious Audio Racks" for your audio/video components

Osborn Speakers - "No Compromise Loudspeaskers"

PAC(Perfectionist Audio Components), official site

Panamax power protection
Panamax - Wide range of surge protectors and conditioners for your components

Parasound official page

Parasound - Unofficial page of a fan in Denmark

Paradigm - Canadian hi-fi and home-theater speakers

The Parts Connection official site

Pass Labs - Well regarded Aleph range of power and pre amps

Perfectionist Audio Components - The Pro Reference range of tube preamplifiers

Phase Technology official site

Philips official site

Piega - Hi-end Swiss speakers

Pierre Gabriel Acoustique - Canadian speakers with silver wirings

Pioneer US site

The Plasma Static DIY speakers

Platinum Audio - Speakers designed by the famous Phil Jones

Plinius official site

Polk Audio - Established US speaker manufacturer

Polyfusion Audio - American audio electronics

Power Modules official site

Precide official site

Proceed - High End products made by Madrigal


ProSpec, commercial site with pictures and descriptions of various equipment

PSB Speaker Systems official site
PSB Speakers - Read about the Stratus Gold and Alpha

Purist Audio Design official site


QED - UK audio accessories and cables

Quad - Well regarded UK speakers and electronics

Quadral official site(In German)

Quadraspire modular shelving systems

RA labs loudspeakers

Rane Corporation - High end home-theater electronics

REL Acoustics - Popular UK subwoofers


REL Acoustics official site

Reson official site

Reußenzehn official site(In German)

Rockford Corporation

Rogue Audio - Affordable tube amps

Röhrenverstärker/Tube Amplifiers, book available in german or english

Rogers official site

Roksan - English analog & digital hifi components

Rotel - Official Rotel products home-page

Roksan, official site

Rotel official US site

Rotel by McNaur Marketing

Roy Allison Labs - Audio and home theater speakers systems

RR Audio - LA based manufacturer of high res speakers/ acoustical engrg services

RSP Technologies(Circle Surround, etc)

Ruark Speakers - Good British speakers (presented by Audio Influx )

Salamander Designs(with Archetype shelving), official site

Samsung's Emperor series, official site

SAS Audio Lab - Amplifiers made in USA

SD Acoustics - English speakers with ribbon tweeters

Sennheiser - Good quality headphones for the audiophile

Sennheiser official site

Sensa official site

Servodrive official site

Shamrock Audio - Speakers and Power Amplifier

Sheldon's Audio Designs

Shure official site

Signature Technologies - Tube Electronics and speakers 

Silicon Audio, music on a chip

Siltech official site

Silverado - English speakers, featuring the Sliverado 1

Simon Yorke Designs - Exciting turntables and tonearms

Sistemas de Som official site

SJS Electroacoustics - UK's custom built all-triode tube amplifier

Skandinavisk Selvbyggerside, Scandinavian DIY

Snell Acoustics official site
Snell Acoustics - American speakers manufacturer

Solen speaker components

Sonab official site
Sonab - Swedish loudspeakers manufacturer

Sonic Design accessories

Sonic Frontiers - Canadian audio manufacturer - mostly tubes

Sonus faber by Datateam

Sony Electronics official US page

Sound Bar with "Audio Grade" Fuses

Sound Clearing House with speakers for DIY

Sound Lab - Impressive electrostatic speakers

Sound Organisation furniture

Sound Valves - Factory-direct tubes amps and pre-amps

Sovereign GMBH - World's largest and most expensive(?) amplifier

Sovtek - Russian tube manufacturer

Speaker Building Page

Stands Unique - English stands and platforms

Spectron Labs - Read about the 1000 watt digital amplifier

Stax presented by Canorus

Stereo Stones Speakers - Speakers 'in the rocks' presented by JetSet on the Net

Stereolith - Swiss single box speakers

Straight WireSumiko's Cartridges

Sumo - High End audio manufacturer of amplifiers, CD transports etc

StudioLab Audio - Canadian speakers

Sunfire - Amplifiers and Subwoofer from Bob Carver

Suono journal(in Italian) with some articles available in PDF

Stone Monitor Speaker official site

Supra Audio Cables official site

Svetlana - Russian tube manufacturer

Swans - Read about the beautiful Swans' Allure speakers (presented by Acoustic Image)

Symfonia with Australian High-End Audio

Tandberg Audio Products

Tannoy - English speakers famous for their dual concentric design

Tannoy(In German)

Tara Labs official site

TAS or The Absolute Sound magazine

TDK official site

Teac official site

Technics(in Japanese) official site

Tekna Sonic official site

Teufel(in German) official site

Theta Digital - Highly regarded audiophile digital components

Theta Digital(In Italian)

Thiel Audio - Audiophile's speakers


Timbre Technology by The Audible Difference

Totem by Needletalk Audio

Transcendant Sound - OTL technology power amps (official page)

Transcendent Sound presented by The Soul of Music

Transcendant Sound - OTL technology power amps (presented by TAS)

Triad Speakers - American speakers, best known for their subwoofers and home-theater systems

Triangle official site(In French)

Triode Support Systems with amplifiers and speakers

True Dimensional Sound

Tube Audio Laboratory

Tubes Done Right - Tube Amplifier Kits


Ultimate Technology- The new Ultech digital components and Ares speakers

Ultimate Audio magazine

Ultra High Fidelity, magazine

Ulyus - Speaker systems

VAC - Beautiful tube amplifiers from Valve Amplification Company

VAC presented by Acoustic Image

Vacuum Tube Logic - High-end tube amplifiers manufacturer

VAF Research - Australian speakers and kits

ValveTek - Singapore's audiophile tube amplifiers

Van L. Speakerworks official site

Vandersteen - Popular speakers for audio and home theatre

Velleman official site

Velodyne - American speakers manufacturer, known for their subwoofers


Verity Audio - The Parsifal Loudspeakers range

Vidikron - Maker of some of the best video projectors available

Vintage Tube Hifi

Voce Divina - New high-end speakers - the Tenore, Basso, Passo

Von Schweikert Research - High-end speakers - the VR4 manufacturer

VTI's audio links

VTL tube amplifiers, official site

Wadia - Manufacturer of high end digital electronics like CD players, transports etc

Waveform - Unconventional speakers designs

Wavelength Audio, official site
Wavelength Audio - The maker of the popular "Cardinal" SE Amplifier

Wavestream Kinetics - Hi-end tube amplifier - the Triode V8

Welborne Labs with kits and components

Well Tempered Lab - Awesome analog - turntables etc.

Westlake Audio Hi Fi Speakers official site
Westlake Audio - Design and produce hi-fi and pro audio loudspeakers

Wilson Audio - Manufacturer of the awesome Grand SLAMM
Wilson Audio(in Italian)

Wireworld official page

Wood Speaker Systems official page
Wood Speaker Systems - Maker of the "natural" speakers

Wright Sound - Affordable tube components for audiophiles 

Yamaha - Consumer audio electronics

YBA - Popular French audio electronics and speakers

Z-man Audio Signal Enhancer, official site

Z-Systems official site

Cables Manufacturers


Cardas Audio

- High-end cables and connectors manufacturer

Chord Company, The

- supplier of extremely high quality cables to hi-fi lovers around the world.


- Read about the Monolith 20/20 speaker cables


- Matched impendance flat cables

Highwire Audio Cables

- US cables manufacturer


- Highly regarded audiophile cables especially in UK

Jena Labs

- Speaker cables and interconnects etc

JPS Labs

- The "Super Conductor" series of cables

Kimber Select

- Another series from the Kimber Kable team

Kimble Kable

- High-end cable manufacturer from U.S.A.


- High-end cables for the audiophile

Monster Cable Products, Inc

- Well known American cables manufacturer

Music Metre

- Highly regarded cables and interconnects

Nirvana Audio

- Ultra-Fi audio cable assemblies.

Nordost Corp

- Maker of the well-known Flatline Cable

Purist Audio Design

- High-end cables and interconnects for audiophiles


- Popular cables and interconnects


- Braided hifi cables

Straight Wire

- US high-end cables

Supra Cables

- Swedish audiophile cables

Tara Labs

- quote: "the speaker cable God uses"

Transparent Cable

- Ultra hi-end cables (presently supports Netscape only - a shame)

Ultralink Products

- Canadian cables and interconnects

Van den Hul

- Legendary cables, phono cartridges and electronics


- Connectors and cable accessories

Wire World

- American manufacturer of high-end cables and connectors

XLO Cables


Links to Music / Labels Sites

Atlantic Records

- Popular US label home page

Acoustic Sounds

- CDs / LPs Publisher of some of the best Jazz / Blues recordings

Audioquest Music

- Popular audiophile recordings

Chesky Records

- Well-known audiophile grade recordings

Clarity Recordings (at AudioWeb)

- Best known for their two microphones, naturally balanced recordings

Classic Records

- Jazz, Classical and Pop records

Delos International

- Classical Recordings

ECM Records

- Classical and Jazz recordings

EMI Records

- No descriptions necessary

GRP Recording Co

- Great contemporary jazz label. Music clips available

Higher Octave

- Contemporary, new-age and world music (with sound clips)

Hyperion Records

- UK's premier classical recordings

JVC Jazz Cafe

- Jazz site of the Japanese giant

JVC Music

- Read about the XRCD - 20 bit K2 process

Mercury Records

- Well known label

Mobile Fidelity

- Audiophile recordings - CDs and records

Polydor / Atlas

- Graphically rich site with lots of information on various artists and recordings


- Nice site with lots of info on recordings

RCA Victor

- One of the oldest recordings label

Reprise Records

- Well known label (with QT movies) - especially for Enya's fans

Rhino Records

- Huge catalog of music of all genres

Sheffield Labs

- Another audiophille label

Sony Music

- Needs no introduction

Telarc International

- Home page of the recording label


- Famous Jazz and Blues label

Warner Bros. (JazzSpace)

- Jazz site of the label

Warner Bros. Records

- Home page of this recording giant

Windham Hill

- Contemporary and new-age recordings


Hi-Fi/Music Magazines / WebZines / Classifieds

Absolute Jazz - Great site for Jazz fans - CD reviews, forum, interviews
Audio Adventure - American Hi-Fi magazine
Audio Amateur - Audio and related articles
Audio Cafe - HiFi software and hardware classifieds, reviews
Audio File & AV - Malaysian audio & video magazine
Audio Ideas Guide - Canadian hi-fi / home-theater magazine
Audio Vision, German A/V magazine
Audiophilia - Quarterly online magazine
Audiophile Online, periodical from Indonesia
Audio Video Rumors, periodical from the Philippines
AudioXchange - Audio classifieds - one stop shopping

Bound for Sound - Journal containing audio and hi-fi articles

CYBERFi - World Wide Hi-Fi and Home Cinema on-line Magazine. A new issue every week

The Digital Theater Page with A/V news and reviews

Evacuated Envelopes - Webzine featuring tubes with lots of info and links

Fi - The good hi-fi / music magazine

Glass Audio, journal
Good Sound - Online guide aimed at the budding audiophile

HiFi & High End - First Russian HiFi webzine (in Russian)
hifi & records, new German magazine
Hi-Fi Choice - Another popular UK audiophile magazine
Hifi Video Test, Dutch journal
Hi-Fi World, UK journal
High Performance Review - journal
Home Theater Online - Magazine on home theater technology
Home Theater Technology Online has some reviews of Hifi-equipment too

Jazz Central Station - Anything and everything about Jazz
JAZZ Online - A must for all Jazz fans - a very rich site, beautifully laid out!

L.A. Audio File - Quarterly magazine for audiophiles
Listener - U.S. based hi-fi and music magazine

Positive Feedback - A very informative audio magazine
Prospec Netzine - Buyer's guide for audio, video and home-theater components

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity - Audio / Video magazine
Sound & Vision magazine in German
Sound Notes, a general interest site
Sound Practices - Essential readings for the advanced audiophile
Sound Practices, journal
SoundSite, a general interest commercial site
Soundstage! - Monthly WebZine - rich in contents and info
SpeakerBuilder, journal
Stereo German magazine
Stereophile - The one all audiophiles wanted
Stereotype journal(in Hebrew)

The Absolute Sound - Popular high-end audiophile magazine - the best!
The Kouch - Australia's hi-fi magazine online
TNT HiFi - Cyber Magazine in Italian and English
Totally Tubular, journal

UHF Magazine - Informative Canadian "Ultra High Fidelity" mag
Ultimate Audio - Subscription info for the new audiophile magazine

Vacuum Tube Valley - Magazine for the tube-loving audiophiles

What Hi-Fi? - The most popular UK hi-fi magazine online

Hi-Fi Distributors / Dealers

Accurate Audio - Serving audiophilles in the state of Alabama
Acoustic Image - LA's fine high-end audio dealer
Ambrosia Audio - High-end dealer in US west coast
Arizona Tube Audio - Tubes components from Arizona, of course
Audio Advisor - Direct-mail audio components, cables and accessories source
Audio Centre - Canadian hi-fi/home cinema equipment dealer
Audio FX - American high-end dealer in Sacramento
Audio Max - Californian dealer
Audio Odyssey - Audio components dealer - informative
Audio Plus Services - US distributor of fine audio products
Audio Shopper - Looking for used components?
Audio Solutions - High-end audio salon in Atlanta
Audio Video Environments - dealer and custom home-theatre, hi-fi designer

Century Stereo - Audio/Video dealer in Silicon Valley
Christopher Hansen 2 Inc - High-end audio/video salon in California
Convoy International - Australian dealer of hi-fi / home cinema components
Crutchfield - Mail order for you consumer hi-fi and home theater products

Dynatek - Audio, video and home cinema dealer

Electrades International - Singapore's first online hifi dealer
Evolution - Audio & Video components

Galen Carol Audio - Texan dealer with excellent range of products
Grahams Hi-Fi - London's hi-fi dealer established in 1927

Hi Fi Farm - Dealer in high-end stereo equipment
Hi Notes - Audio store in Georgia, USA

Jerry's Audio-Video - Arizona's Audio Video specialist
Jim Tate Stereo - Australia's Linn dealer

Lush LLC - California based dealer

McIntosh Laboratory - Put up by Roger Russell - the McIntosh speaker designer
Moorgate Acoustics - UK's high-end audio dealer
Music Lovers Audio - Northern California high-end audio/video store

NeedleTalk Audio - Audio dealer with info on XLO, McCormack, CliffHanger and Totem products Northampton Audio - Serving New England's audiophiles
NorthStar Leading the Way - Colorado based high-end dealer of Jadis, Duntech etc
Nuts About Hi-Fi - An American high-end components dealer

Ong Radio - Singapore's agent for McKintosh and Definitive Tech.
Overture Audio - Audio / Video components

Peak Audio - Fine hi-fi dealer in Halifax, Canada - nice demo rooms!
Premier Audio - Texan audio dealer
Progressive Audio - Impressive Midwest audio/video dealer

Québec Audio, French Canadian Hi-Fi Magazine
Quintessence Audio - Serving Chicago's audiophiles

The Real World Audiophile, a general interest site
rec.audiohigh-end.digestand more
Ring Audio Classics - Ontario's audio dealer
Riverside Hi-Fi - English dealer located in Middlesex
Royal Music & Cinema Imports - Alchemist and Musical Technology products

Signature Sound - Serving audiophiles in New York
Soul of Music - Singapore dealer of Audio Logic, JPS etc
Sound City - New Jersey based dealer
Sound Station - Audio/Video for the home, automobile
Sound Surroundings - Michigan based audio components dealer
Soundscape - Audio/Video dealer with lots of info, articles and reviews
Sounds Like Music - Phoenix audiophile dealer
Stereo Shop - Massuchusetts audiophile dealer
Sunshine Stereo, Inc - High end Audio dealer in Florida

The Listening Room - Toronto based vintage ampe and tubes dealer
Threshold Audio - Home theatre / Hi-fi dealer in Central Ohio
Triode Electronics - Chicago based supplier of tubes, parts and vintage components

Wilson Audio Video Entertainment - California based audio/video systems designs and installations
Wo Kee Hong Group - Asian distributor of various audio components

Other Hi-Fi / Music Links

a-v Architecture - Beautiful audio / video stands
AES Convention reports by Gabe M Wiener of Quintessential Sound
Abergavenny Music - UK's premier dealer in classical recordings
Alpha-Core(Goertz cables)
Anthem Entertainment Network - Large cyber-superstore - order your CDs, LDs etc.
Atlanta Audio Society
Audio and Acoustics Links
Audio Connection - Australian hi-fi dealer online
Audio Crafters Guild with kits and parts for DIY digital audio projects
Audio Engineering Society for those who really know how it works
Áudio Espresso, a general interest site in portuguese
Audio & Home Theater Enthusiast's Home Page
Audiomap, a general interest German site
Audiolit - Audio site with on-line chat, component database and links
Audio Mecca, Dick Olsher's corner on the net
Audio Page, a general interest page
Audio Refurbishers - Specialists in refurbishing hi-fi equipment, especially McIntosh amplifiers
Audio Society of Minnesota - Newsletter of ASM
AudioWeb - A general audio related site with online chat, classified ads etc.
Audiophile, Inc - A general audiophile site with lots of well organised links and info
Audio Review, Italian periodical
Audio Reviews, general Interest site
The Audio Revolution, a general interest commercial site
Audio Shopper used equipment review and marketplace
Audio Society of Minnesota
Audio Visions, a general interest site
AudioWorld Online, a general interest site

Beatlefest - For Beatles fans - CD's, products etc
Bose FAQ, what people on the net say about Bose
British Federation of Audio

CDnow - Online CD store, with lots of information
CD Universe - Music store online, with various music genres
CD World - Cyber store with CDs, LDs, Tapes

Detroit Audio Society - An interesting audio club
Digital audio papers
Dimitri's Opinions on Hi-Fi
DIY amplifier
DIY audio page
DIY Ariel speakers by Lynn Olson
DIY DAC, you can build it too
DIY power amplifier
DIY projects by Craig Stark
DIY speaker by Dick Olsher
DIY speakers homepage
DIY speaker project at www.qnxcom/~danh/
DIY speaker projects Conus 1
DIY speakers
DIY speakers
DIY speakers (in German)
Dynaudio for DIY speakers
Dolby Laboratories - Read about Dolby Surround Pro Logic and the new Dolby Surround AC-3.
DTS - Digital Theater Systems
DVD info
DVD sound only format(High Quality Audio Disc) proposed by ARA

Equi=Tech - Power line conditioners and rack systems
EISA, European Imaging and Sound Association official site
Enjoy The Music, a general interest site
Eric's Hifi Haven - a local enthusiast

Federal Communications Commission

HDCD, official site of Pacific Microsonic
HDCD info by AudioFX
Hifi Choice UK magazine Registration needed)
Hi-Fi Playground - Audio club site featuring articles, reviews, forum, and more
The Horn Speaker Home Page

Internet Jukebox - Loads of sound clips from different recordings

Japan Audio Society

Klaus Schiffer's audio web site

Lowther Club Of Norway

The MiniDisc Page
Melbourne Audio Club - Australia's very own hi-fi club
Music Boulevard - One big music cyber-mall

Naim info at Neil McBride's HiFi Page

OZ Music On-Line - Cyber shop for your music needs 

Quad World - Vintage Quad stuff for Quad devotees
Quad ESL Technical Pages

Rane Professional Audio Reference - A cyber-dictionary of hi-fi terms
Roger Russell's homepage - Designer of McIntosh loudspeakers

SoundSite - Audio site featuring hi-fi consultancy, reviews, equipment and links
South Florida Audio Society - A very informative and interesting audio society home-page
Stereo Equipment, a general interest page

THX Home Page - Read about all the different THX standards
Tinnitus FAQ
Tower Records - The music chain store

VXM Network a general interest site that also covers audio topics
Visions in Audio a personal general interest page by Werner Ogiers

Warner Imaging official site
Washington Music Center - Largest U.S. music store
Wiring your home, a guide for D-I-Yers

YC's Singapore Hi-Fi page


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