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This is where you can find new items that we have sourced for you. Items will be delivered but please allow 7 working days after payment for delivery.

We accept hi-fi items of any value and will accept a 15% charge only if the item is sold. However, we reserve the right to reject any item at our sole discretion. Items sold are without guarantee unless otherwise stated.

The pictures for the products will be up soon. Please be patient. Thank you.


Product Description

Pix Price S$
Usual Now
NVA AP10   NVA_AP10s.jpg (2259 bytes) 410 297
Unicones Tuning Feet   unicone_s.jpg (2313 bytes)   150
NVA Phono II   NVA_phono2s.jpg (2894 bytes) 1500 950
NVA AP30   NVA_AP30s.jpg (2840 bytes) 999 599
Sonic Frontier SFP-1 Signature   SFP-1Sig.jpg (3390 bytes)   1500
Minstrel tube Integrated Amp   Minstrels.jpg (2653 bytes)   1000
NVA A70   NVA-A70s.jpg (2684 bytes) 2700 1625
Unison Research Simply Four   UR-Simply4s.jpg (2066 bytes) 3750 2625
Unison Research Simply Two   UR-Simply2s.jpg (2607 bytes) 2500 1750
Unison Research Smart 845   UR-Smart845s.jpg (2390 bytes) 8200 5740
Impulse Lali   Imp-Lalis.jpg (2763 bytes) 4125 2550
Aragon 18K Pre   Aragon-18KPres.jpg (2848 bytes)   550
Purist Audio Dominus   PuristAudioDominus_s.jpg (2901 bytes)   2500
YBA CD   YBAs.jpg (6877 bytes)    
    subwoof_s.jpg (2846 bytes)    

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