Audio Note Black Gate Capacitor Price List
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Black Gate Capacitor Price List

Firstly I would like to categorically state that any rumours about Black Gate capacitors being unavailable or discontinued are totally misguided, malicious and incorrect. Audio Note is currently the sole source in Europe that holds any significant range of values in stock, we literally use thousands in production as we are the first company to realize the tremendous benefits that Black Gate capacitors offer. We are to date the only high-end audio company to incorporate Black Gate capacitors consistently in our finished products.

There are very few audio parts that promise a guaranteed improvement when replacing practically any other part, but this is what the Black Gate capacitors actually do. Exchanging any electrolytic capacitor anywhere in the circuit of an amplifier or on the crossover of a speaker will greatly improve the sound quality. We are working on some guidelines as to where how and which types of Black Gates to use in different circuits. The first such technical guideline is available now and is called Improving your CD Player and can be obtained by sending a stamped addressed envelope to us requesting this leaflet. All Audio Note Level 2 Signature products use Black Gate Electron Transfer in critical signal/ power supply areas.

It is very important to note that all Black Gate capacitors take time to charge up or stabilize when first put in the circuit, depending on the type and application this maturing process can be between 100 and 300 hours.Black Gate call this the idling process. We feel, however, that this process takes longer!

The high voltage power supply capacitors type SKz have been replaced by an even better version, the WKz type, unfortunately the price has increased substantially as well, so we have purchased a large stock of the SKz's (in fact most of the SKz type that Black Gate had in stock), so I am leaving them on the price list until we run out of each item. In the meantime we have introduced the Cerafine high voltage capacitor range as a cheaper alternative.

Please note that the price list for the Black Gate capacitors is a guideline only, due to the continuous strengthening of the Japanese Yen it is impossible to publish up-to-date prices so please ask for the current price when placing your order.

Value Type Voltage Order Code Price
100uF PK 10 CAP-8600 2.21 ea.
4.7uF PK 25 CAP-8620 1.13 ea.
47uF PK 25 CAP-9000 1.65 ea.
33uF PK 35 CAP-9005 1.75 ea.
0.1uF PK 50 CAP-9007 0.87 ea.
0.22uF PK 50 CAP-9008 0.96 ea.
0.33uF PK 50 CAP-9009 1.01 ea.
0.47uF PK 50 CAP-9010 1.07 ea.
1uF PK 50 CAP-9015 1.12 ea.
2.2uF PK 50 CAP-9020 1.23 ea.
3.3uF PK 50 CAP-9025 1.38 ea.
3.3uF PK 100 CAP-9027 ea.
4.7uF PK 50 CAP-9030 1.68 ea.
10uF PK 50 CAP-9035 1.87 ea.
22uF PK 50 CAP-9040 2.68 ea.
22uF STD 16 CAP-9045 2.82 ea.
33uF STD 16 CAP-9050 3.42 ea.
47uF STD 16 CAP-9055 4.11 ea.
330uF STD 16 CAP-9060 6.68 ea.
10uF STD 50 CAP-9065 2.97 ea.
47uF STD 50 CAP-9070 4.41 ea.
470uF STD 50 CAP-9072 ea.
100uF STD 16 CAP-9075 4.73 ea.
100uF STD 50 CAP-9080 5.47 ea.
220uF STD 50 CAP-9085 10.41 ea.
10uF STD 100 CAP-9090 3.71 ea.
22uF STD 100 CAP-9095 6.31 ea.
47uF STD 100 CAP-9100 8.54 ea.
100uF STD 100 CAP-9105 7.75 ea.
220uF STD 100 CAP-9110 22.18ea
1000uF STD 16 CAP-9115 8.22 ea.
1000uF STD 50 CAP-9120 24.55 ea.
220uF STD 16 CAP-9125 4.35 ea.
470uF STD 16 CAP-9130 6.35 ea.
2200uF STD 16 CAP-9135 13.45 ea.
4700uF STD 16 CAP-9145 14.25 ea.
47+47uF SKZ 500/550 CAP-9150 85.95 ea.
100+100uF SKZ 500/550 CAP-9155 101.95ea
200+220uF SKZ 350 CAP-9165 92.65 ea.
100+100uF WKZ 500/550 CAP-9175 195.35 ea.
47+47uF WKZ 500/550 CAP-9180 159.85 ea.
100uF WKZ 500/550 CAP-9185 144.65 ea.
100+100uF WKZ 350/400 CAP-9190 151.74 ea.
220+220uF WKZ 350/400 CAP-9195 181.95 ea.
220uF VK 200 CAP-9197 62.35 ea.
22uF VK 350 CAP-9200 18.95 ea.
150uF VK 350 CAP-9205 41.23 ea.
100uF F 35 CAP-9206 ea.
470uF F 35 CAP-9207 ea.
1000uF F 35 CAP-9208 ea.
0.47uF F 50 CAP-9210 1.11 ea.
100uF F 50 CAP-9212 ea.
470uF F 50 CAP-9213 ea.
22uF F 6.3 CAP-9215 1.22 ea.
220uF F 63 CAP-9219 ea.
100uF F 6.3 CAP-9220 1.56 ea.
220uF F 6.3 CAP-9225 2.11 ea.
2200uF F 6.3 CAP-9230 4.76 ea.
47uF FK 16 CAP-9235 7.15 ea.
100uF FK 16 CAP-9240 13.71 ea.
220uF FK 16 CAP-9245 19.95 ea.
100uF FK 25 CAP-9250 14.28 ea.
220uF FK 25 CAP-9255 21.43 ea.
100uF FK 50 CAP-9260 15.71 ea.
1000uF FK 50 CAP-9265 58.71 ea.
2200uF FK 35 CAP-9270 55.71 ea.
10000uF FK 80 CAP-9271 ea.
2200uF FK 63 CAP-9275 101.43 ea.
100uF FK 100 CAP-9280 32.85 ea.
2.2uF C 50 CAP-9285 2.07 ea.
4.7uF C 50 CAP-9290 3.35 ea.
6.8uF Bipolar 50 CAP-9295 12.65 ea.
10uF Bipolar 50 CAP-9300 16.85 ea.
22uF Bipolar 50 CAP-9305 23.95 ea.
47uF Bipolar 50 CAP-9310 36.95ea
0.47uF NX 50 CAP-9315 12.35 ea.
220uF NX 6.3 CAP-9320 11.85 ea.
100uF N 16 CAP-9325 24.65 ea.
470uF N 16 CAP-9330 28.95 ea.
4700uF N 35 CAP-9335 210.45 ea.
1uF N 50 CAP-9340 5.45 ea.
4.7uF N 50 CAP-9345 6.65 ea.
10uF N 50 CAP-9350 7.55 ea.
47uF N 50 CAP-9355 13.75 ea.
100uF N 50 CAP-9360 20.35 ea.
1000uF N 50 CAP-9365 99.95 ea.
2200uF N 100 CAP-9370 423.35 ea.

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