Audio Note Electrolytic Capacitor Price List A
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Electrolytic Capacitor Price List


We endeavour to stock a good range of quality industrial type electrolytic capacitors including high voltage types suitable for high tension power supplies.

The Different types of resistors we have available are:-

Value Type Voltage Order Code Price
100uF Elect Radial 10 CAP-1020 0.23 ea.
100uF Elect Radial 16 CAP-1040 0.29 ea.
220uF Elect Radial 16 CAP-1060 0.31 ea.
470uF Elect Radial 16 CAP-1070 ea.
470uF Elect SXE 16 CAP-1071 ea.
4700uF Elect Radial 16 CAP-1080 0.82 ea.
4700uF Elect YXF 16 CAP-1083 ea.
10000uF Elect Snap-in 16 CAP-1086 ea.
33000uF Elect Radial 16 CAP-1090 ea.
33000uF Philips 16 CAP-1091 ea.
68000uF Elect Radial 16 CAP-1095 ea.
4.7uF Elect Radial 25 CAP-1100 ea.
220uF Elect Radial 25 CAP-1103 ea.
10000uF Elect Radial 25 CAP-1105 ea.
2200uF Elect Radial 35 CAP-1107 ea.
47uF Elect Radial 50 CAP-1110 ea.
100uF Elect Radial 50 CAP-1113 ea.
220uF Elect Radial 50 CAP-1115 ea.
220uF Elect SXE 50 CAP-1116 ea.
470uF Elect Radial 50 CAP-1118 ea.
2200uF Elect Radial 50 CAP-1120 0.87 ea.
100uF Elect Radial 160 CAP-1121 ea.
220uF Elect Radial 50 CAP-1130 ea.
47uF Elect Radial 50 CAP-1132 ea.
220uF Elect Radial 40 CAP-1135 0.42 ea.
470uF Elect Radial 50 CAP-1140 ea.
100uF Elect Radial 63 CAP-1150 0.47 ea.
10uF Elect Axial 100 CAP-1170 ea.
220uF Elect Radial 100 CAP-1180 ea.
220uF Elect YXF 100 CAP-1181 ea.
10uF Elect Radial 160 CAP-1200 0.56 ea.
100uF Elect Radial 160 CAP-1210 ea.
100uF Elect HT 160 CAP-1211 ea.
220uF Elect Snap-in 250 CAP-1220 ea.
220uF Elect Radial 250 CAP-1230 ea.
22uF Elect Radial 350 CAP-1241 1.45 ea.
33uF Elect Radial 350 CAP-1248 ea.
33uF Elect Axial 350 CAP-1250 ea.
47uF Elect Snap-in 385 CAP-1260 2.46 ea.
470uF Elect Snap-in 385 CAP-1270 5.56 ea.
22uF Elect Radial 400 CAP-1275 ea.
56uF Elect Radial 400 CAP-1280 2.87 ea.
68uF Elect Snap-in 400 CAP-1284 2.98 ea.
220uF Elect Snap-in 450 CAP-1285 6.85 ea.
220uF Elect Snap-in 450 CAP-1286 ea.
470uF Elect Snap-in 400 CAP-1287 ea.
22uF Elect Axial 450 CAP-1290 1.99 ea.
33uF Elect Radial 450 CAP-1291 ea.
33uF Elect Radial 450 CAP-1295 ea.
33uF Elect Axial 450 CAP-1296 ea.
100uF Elect Radial 400 CAP-1297 3.76 ea.
68uF Elect Snap-in 450 CAP-1300 ea.
100uF Elect Snap-in 450 CAP-1303 ea.
220uF Elect Radial 500 CAP-1304-1 27.65 ea.

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