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Kondo Preamps


The M7 and M10 Preamps

The Kondo designed M7 preamps, represent the embodiment of the Audio Note's design philosophy. There are less than 20 components in the entire M7 Line preamp! The majority of the parts are Kondo designed and many, like the wire and coupling capacitors are hand made in Kondo's factory. The all silver versions use Kondo's hand made silver-foil capacitors and braided silver ground wire. The line stage uses a 6X4 rectifier tube and a 6072A for the gain stage. The output impedance of the M7 preamps is relatively high at approximately 8K Ohms. These preamps should not be used to drive long runs (more than 3 meters) of interconnect and should be used only with amplifiers having a 100K Ohms input impedance.

There are five M7 preamplifiers.

M10 Preamp

The new M10 preamp supplants the M7 Tube Silver as the world's finest preamp.

Over 30 years of designing low level microphone transformers and amplifiers, combined with at least 20 years of careful research into all aspects of the requirements of phono cartridges and line sources, led Mr. Kondo to choose several features new to preamplifier circuitry. The M10 features the usual Audio Note refinements such as:

With the M10, Mr. Kondo has gone much further:

It is unlikely that anyone (except Audio Note) will go beyond this preamp.

The sonic quality of the M10 has to be experienced to be believed, this pre-amplifier and the GAKU-ON mono power amplifiers are the embodiment of Audio Note's complete design philosophy and as such represent the absolute pinnacle of what is possible in music reproduction today, at a price, of course!!

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