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Entry Level Analogue Products

At Audio Note we believe that the reproduction of music is most competently replayed by analogue source components. Against the background of technological advancements in the world of computers and digital technology, many audio manufacturers have applied this type of technology to their products. In most cases this thinking is misguided and fundamentally flawed.

Music by its very nature is an analogue signal borne from mechanical vibration, whether it be the skin of a Drum or the bow and string of a Violin. all sounds come from vibration.

Locked deep in the grooves of a vinyl record lies an immense amount of musical information. Indeed quite how much is still unknown for sure but Audio Note have concentrated great energy, time and resources in developing a superb range of entry level analogue products capable of reproducing this information.

The IQ Cartridges

IQ2 The Audio Note IQ cartridges are a refinement of the established Moving Magnet design principle. The IQI has a stiffer than usual suspension system and careful attention has been paid to the mechanical assembly of the generator. The stylus profile is a Van den Hul type 2.
The IQII is similar to the IQI but uses a better stylus profile than the Van den Hul type 2. These cartridges offer an excellent combination of exceptional tracking ability and dynamic range.

The Tone-Arms

IQ1+Tonearm The Audio Note Arm I and Arm II are the result of a collaboration between Audio Note and Rega Research.

Arm I is a respecified Rega Research RB250 arm that is wired internally with Audio Note copper wire and the leadout wire is the highly respected AN~A copper Litz construction. This marriage of technologies between Audio Note and Rega Research has created a budget tone arm without peers at its price.

The Audio Note Arm II is also a culmination of ideas between Audio Note and Rega Research. In this tone arm we have reworked the acclaimed Rega RB300 by internally wiring the arm with AN~AI, a pure silver conductor of the highest quality. The lead out wire is AN~V which is a 99.99% pure silver 15 strand Litz construction interconnect cable. Once again our objective has been to create the finest value for money.

The TTI TurntableTT1 Turntable

  In common with the more expensive Audio Note turntables, the TTI utilises a suspended sub chassis design, which provides greater isolation from external influences thereby allowing more accurate reproduction of the source material.

The Audio Note TTI turntable is a three point floating suspended sub-chassis model derived from the award winning Systemdek IIX. The platter is of acrylic, the drive to the platter is provided by a rubber belt.

Careful attention has been paid to the "mechanical loop" of the stylus, tone arm and platter. The TTI will provide an exceptionally stable platform from which to replay the finest vinyl collection. Once again Audio Note is confident that the TTI will be the "reference" record player at its price point.


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