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Miscellaneous Price List


Items Sought

If any of you reading this have possession of any books which contain information relevant to the subject of audio design and which would be useful to share with others, please let us know either by fax, phone or email us, there is an award of 20.00 (payable in valves or other bits, post free) to anybody who sends us a book which contains useful information about valve amplifier design or theory.

Likewise I am looking for a number of old valves to experiment with, so if you have any PX4's, PX25's, DA30's, AD1's or any of the old triodes, I will be happy to buy or swap at a good price. Also anyone of you know where to find old studio tape recorders, Studer, Telefunken or Amperex or the like, record cutting, plating, processing or pressing equipment, or have any books about building microphones, recording technique or LP manufacture, then it will be gratefully received. Audio Note has the intention over the next 2-3 years to set up our own recording and record manufacture, and whilst we already have quite a lot of information, much more is needed.

Circuits, Valve Data & Basic Technical Information

If you would like some suggestions around which to base a future project, then we shall be happy to provide you with a circuit pack containing good circuits like ONGAKU, KEGON/KASSAI, NEIRO, GAKU-ON plus several other power amplifier circuits and the M7 Tube and M10 pre amplifiers, which are the best sounding pre amplifier circuits we have come across. Just send a stamped self-addressed A4-size envelope, together with 6.00 pounds in small denomination UK stamps, or if you live outside the UK, US$ 15.00 in $ bills will do, but please do not send Banker's drafts in US$, International Response Coupons or International Money Orders, as they cost more to cash than their value.

We have a large number of requests for the circuits of the AUDIO NOTE UK-made amplifiers, like OTO Phono SE, M1 Phono, MEISHU, SORO, etc., and since we (unlike the majority of our talented competitors) do not have any secrets in this department, and are only too pleased to help extend the envelope of knowledge in this much maligned field, we shall be happy to send you, or any existing or prospective competitor, one or more circuit diagrams, which cost 5.00 each, or you can buy, for example, all phono-integrated amplifiers, for 30.00 ($ 50.00), or all Line-integrated amplifiers for 25.00, all pre amplifiers for 20.00 ($ 35.00), or simply a complete circuit pack for 50.00, ($ 80.00). All can be paid either by credit card, cash, bankers draft or cheque drawn on a UK bank. The cost includes postage.

We can also supply a set of data sheets for the most commonly used valves, ECC82, ECC88/6922, 12AY7/6072A, 7025/12AX7WA/ECC83, 6SN7, 300B, 211/VT4C, 845, EL34/6CA7, 2A3, 6X4, 5U4G, GZ34/5AR4, EL84/6BQ5, 6V6GT, 6L6G, 5881/6L6WGC/KT66. Again, send a stamped self-addressed A4 envelope together with 4.00 in small denomination stamps or, if outside the UK, another US$ 15.00 will suffice.

Since nothing really exists which gives a reasonable background to the subject of valve amplifier circuit design, Guy Adams and I have written and assembled a number of articles and extracts from old books which give some background to the subject. Don't expect to become an instant expert, but it will serve as a useful reference, for the beginner as well as the more advanced. We have just expanded this info pack to include even more useful information, so if you have already bought the old pack, just send 2.00 or US$ 5.00. For the full pack, a small charge is required, this time 7.00 in small denomination stamps with a stamped self-addressed envelope, or outside the UK, please send US$ 25.00.


Sound Practices

If you are seriously interested in the subject of valve amplifier design, without the usual preconceived notions of what is "good" amplifier design and technology (the traditional view, which has brought us the blessings of the transistor amplifier, has obviously disqualified itself quite monumentally!), then SOUND PRACTICES is the magazine to read, here you will find articles about design parameters. DIY articles for amplifiers and speakers, reviews of new and old, in other words the very subjects that none of the self-serving, advertising led traditional press will touch as they do not enhance the business of their normal advertisers. You can buy SOUND PRACTICES from us at 5.00 per copy (there are currently 11 issues available) or by subscription from SOUND PRACTICES, PO Box 180562, Austin, TX 78718, USA. A regular modern world bargain, and there are practically none of those in audio today. With enough subscription support SOUND PRACTICES may just bring about the "sound practices" that the hi-fi industry has abandoned for so long. So get a subscription! Our friend Joe Roberts is now able to take VISA and MC, so convenience is at hand at long last! Call, or preferably fax, Joe on 512 339 6229 with your card number if you want a direct subscription.

By the time you read this, SOUND PRACTICES issue 13 will be here, so this should keep you off the street over the next couple of weekends! Buy a copy for 5.00 plus postage (or self-addressed envelope with order if you live in the UK). Issue 12 contains the following articles: Audio Note ANKORU parallel 845SE by designer Andy Grove, Lowther: Another Opinion by Marc Wauters, Tube User's Guide by Ludell Sibley, Meet the Tube: The 50, Herb Reichert on Reviewing Perspectives (a very good criticism of the current reviewing and measuring practices) and much, much more! Much good and informative reading as usual, again 5.00 plus an A4 size, stamped, self-addressed envelope if you live in the UK or US$ 10.00 and a self-addressed envelope if you live abroad.

Issue Order Code Price
No.1 AN-LIT-101 5.00 ea.
No.2 AN-LIT-102 5.00 ea.
No.3 AN-LIT-103 5.00 ea.
No.4 AN-LIT-104 5.00 ea.
No.5 AN-LIT-105 5.00 ea.
No.6 AN-LIT-106 5.00 ea.
No.7 AN-LIT-107 5.00 ea.
No.8 AN-LIT-108 5.00 ea.
No.9 AN-LIT-109 5.00 ea.
No.10 AN-LIT-110 5.00 ea.
No.11 AN-LIT-111 5.00 ea.
No.12 AN-LIT-112 5.00 ea.
No.13 AN-LIT-113 5.00 ea.
No.14 AN-LIT-114 5.00 ea.

Vacuum Tube Valley

Now I bet you have never heard of this one before, but demonstrating the strength of the revival in everything that has to do with valves, whether single-ended, push-pull or just old and good, Vacuum Tube Valley is a quarterly, high quality print and read, each issue focuses on a US brand of yester-year, in the current issue (Issue 2 Volume One) Heathkit is dealt with extensively. There is a long article by Eric Barbour about the EL34 (not a favourite of mine any longer, but a very popular valve nonetheless), and an interesting overview of available and vintage types. The Audio Test Bench looks at tools and equipment for DIY amplification building, very practical and useful. Cathode bias, a great article about how to bias the VV52B and biasing and tubelife in general, tube matching (valve matching to us Brits!) and much more. It is nice to see a magazine that takes a historical perspective. Well worth a read, available from us at 8.50 a copy or directly from VTV 1095, E. Duane Avenue, Suite 106, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA, $ 35.00 for foreign subscribers.

Issue Order Code Price
No.1 AN-LIT-001 8.50 ea.
No.2 AN-LIT-002 8.50 ea.
No.3 AN-LIT-003 8.50 ea.
No.4 AN-LIT-004 8.50 ea.
No.5 AN-LIT-005 8.50 ea.
No.6 AN-LIT-006 8.50 ea.
No.7 AN-LIT-007 8.50 ea.

Positive Feedback

This is one type of feedback that we are not entirely against Positive Feedback is the club magazine for the Oregon Triode Society with aspirations towards greatness, not unlike the great underground magazines of the 1970's. It is a quarterly publication of zany, controversial commentary, by in-house writers, members, as well as various industry doyens on the subjects of music, audio, technology and the quest for musical satisfaction. I, for one, think it is an excellent read and provides a good alternative view to most of the established press, which tends to view the world in the context of what new products are available now, without giving much perspective backwards. We have several back issues available of Positive Feedback and the latest issue is just off the press and all are available at 7.00 per issue. Yours truly is a regular contributor to PF, what better reason to subscribe?

Issue Order Code Price
Vol.5 No.1 AN-LIT-201 8.50 ea.
Vol.5 No.2 AN-LIT-202 8.50 ea.
Vol.5 No.3 AN-LIT-203 8.50 ea.
Vol.5 No.4 AN-LIT-204 8.50 ea.
Vol.5 No.5 AN-LIT-205 8.50 ea.
Vol.5 No.6 AN-LIT-206 8.50 ea.
Vol.6 No.1 AN-LIT-207 8.50 ea.
Vol.6 No.2 AN-LIT-208 8.50 ea.
Vol.6 No.3 AN-LIT-209 8.50 ea.
Vol.6 No.4 AN-LIT-210 8.50 ea.
Vol.6 No.5 AN-LIT-211 8.50 ea.
Vol.6 No.6 AN-LIT-212 8.50 ea.

Listener Magazine

Here is a review-based music and hi-fi magazine that I really enjoy reading (together with Fi and Audio Adventurer, the music reviews are amongst the very best in the business, the equipment reviews not far behind. This is a worthwhile addition to the available opinions on music and equipment and at only 4.00 per copy, a good investment. The Listener is a pocket-sized quarterly publication. Four issues are available at the moment.

Issue Order Code Price
Vol.2 No.1 AN-LIT-301 4.00 ea.
Vol.2 No.2 AN-LIT-302 4.00 ea.
Vol.2 No.3 AN-LIT-303 4.00 ea.
Vol.2 No.4 AN-LIT-304 4.00 ea.
Vol.3 No.1 AN-LIT-305 4.00 ea.
Vol.3 No.2 AN-LIT-306 4.00 ea.

Other Bits and pieces

Audio Note Acid & Chlorine free Solder

The best solder we have been able to find, it does not contaminate the junction, which over time would increase the junction resistance. Used in all our amplifiers from the Oto to the mighty Gaku-on.

Description Order Code Price
50g (about 9m 1mm diameter) AN-SOLDER-01 19.95 ea.
1Kg (1mm diameter) AN-SOLDER-02 210.65 ea.

Audio Note Cables & Wires

We are proud to offer the Audio Note range of high quality copper and silver cable.

Solid 99.99% pure Audio Note silver wire.

Wire Gauge Insulation Material Order Code Price
0.05mm Polyurethane AN-WIRE-005 16.75/m
0.2mm Polyurethane AN-WIRE-010 22.75/m
0.35mm ML AN-WIRE-015 24.95/m
0.6mm ML AN-WIRE-020 27.85/m
0.8mm ML AN-WIRE-025 31.75/m
1.0mm ML AN-WIRE-030 36.75/m

The above solid silver wires are suitable for low level interstage transformers, output transformers, power supply chokes, inductors for speaker crossovers - both active and passive, and for internal wiring in tonearms and amplifiers. A wider range of gauges is stocked, so inquire about the required gauge, it may well be in stock. serious trade discounts are available on larger quantities.

Audio Note Silver Wiring Wire

Wire Gauge Insulation Material Colour Order Code Price
0.09mm Polyurethane 6 coats Red AN-WIRE-100 24.45/m
0.09mm Polyurethane 6 coats White AN-WIRE-110 24.45/m
0.09mm Polyurethane 6 coats Green AN-WIRE-120 24.45/m
0.09mm Polyurethane 6 coats Black AN-WIRE-130 24.45/m

This is the wiring recommended for all hardwired topflight projects, the same wire is used in the AN~V interconnect and as signal wire in Mr. Kondos amplifiers and preamplifiers. We sell as little as 250mm of each colour, so buy a little and see if it makes a difference in your amplifier, a good place to start is on the phono or CD input.

Audio Note Silver Internal Tone Arm Wire

The ultimate wire for rewiring your tone arm, made from three individually insulated strands of 0.05mm Audio Note 99.99% pure silver wire, this is not just the best sounding wire, it is also the most flexible, so why not upgrade the sonic performance of your tonearm dramatically with a rewire?

Wire Gauge Insulation Material Colour Order Code Price
0.05mm Polyurethane 6 coats Clear/silver AN-WIRE-300 33.61/m

PTFE Insulated Silver Plated Copper Wire

We can also provide less expensive wiring wires for hard wiring circuits, these PTFE insulated silver plated copper wires are 19 strands of 0.15mm wire and come in brown, black, blue, pink, red, green, orange, violet, white and red/white costing 1.60/m.

Audio Note Interconnect Cables

All Audio Note interconnect cables are priced per stereo meter.

Type/ Colour Construction Order Code Price
AN~A/Yellow symmetrical 99.9999% copper Litz AN-WIRE-100 15.32/m
AN~C/Red symmetrical OFC copper Litz AN-WIRE-150 29.79/m
AN~S/Grey symmetrical 99.99% silver Litz 15 strand 0.09mm AN-WIRE-200 84.25/m
AN~V/Grey symmetrical 99.99% silver Litz 15 strand 0.09mm AN-WIRE-250 152.35/m
AN~Vx/Grey symmetrical 99.99% silver Litz 20 strand 0.09mm AN-WIRE-300 382.98/m
AN~Vz/Grey dual symmetrical 99.99% silver Litz 60 strand AN-WIRE-400 1,174.47/m

Audio Note Speaker and Wiring Cable

All Audio Note speaker cables are priced per mono meter.

Type/ Colour Construction Order Code Price
AN~D/Green or Red Single conductor 99.9999% copper speaker wire AN-WIRE-500 6.85/m
AN~B/Blue/White writing Double strand, screened 99.9999% copper speaker wire AN-WIRE-550 12.34/m
AN~L/Blue/Black writing Double strand, screened 99.9999% copper Litz speaker wire AN-WIRE-600 25.11/m
AN~SP/Grey single core 99.99% silver Litz 15 strand speaker wire AN-WIRE-650 106.38/m
AN~SPx/Grey single core 99.99% silver Litz 20 strand speaker wire AN-WIRE-700 382.98/m
AN~SPz/Brown Single core 4 internal conductor 60 strand 99.99% pure silver speaker wire AN-WIRE-800 2,085.11/m

Audio Note High Quality Ceramic Valve Bases

Valve bases

All of our valve bases are of the highest possible quality, made from steatite and using the best metal parts from alloys which retain their spring tension around the valve pin for longer. They are recommended as upgrades for most old valve amplifiers, and should be an essential part of any DIY project.




Type/ Valve Mounting Pin contact plating Order Code Price
4-pin UX4 - for 300B/2A3/801A Chassis Gold VBASE-185 8.25
4-pin UX4 - for 300B/2A3/801A Chassis Nickel VBASE-180 7.25
4-pin UX4 - for 300B/2A3/801A Chassis Silver VBASE-170 14.75
4-pin UX4 - for 300B/2A3/801A Chassis with bayonet Silver VBASE-175 48.95
4-pin Jumbo for 211/845/VT4C Chassis with bayonet Silver/chrome VBASE-190 159.95
5-pin UY5 for 807 Chassis Gold VBASE-150 9.75
7-pin B7 - for 6X4/OA2 PCB Silver VBASE-100 6.15
7-pin B7 - for 6X4/OA2 PCB Gold VBASE-105 7.85
7-pin B7 - for 6X4/OA2 Chassis (above) Silver VBASE-110 6.75
7-pin B7 - for 6X4/OA2 Chassis (above) Gold VBASE-115 7.95
8-pin UX8 - for EL34/6550/5U4G/GZ34/6L6G... Chassis Silver VBASE-160 5.65
8-pin UX8 - for EL34/6550/5U4G/GZ34/6L6G... Chassis Gold VBASE-165 8.65
9-pin B9 - for ECC83/ECC88/5687/3650... PCB Silver VBASE-005 3.85
9-pin B9 - for ECC83/ECC88/5687/3650... PCB Gold VBASE-010 5.75
9-pin B9 - for ECC83/ECC88/5687/3650... Chassis (above) Silver VBASE-015 4.45
9-pin B9 - for ECC83/ECC88/5687/3650... Chassis (above) Gold VBASE-020 6.75
9-pin B9 - for ECC83/ECC88/5687/3650... Chassis (below) Silver VBASE-025 4.95
9-pin B9 - for ECC83/ECC88/5687/3650... Chassis (below) Gold VBASE-030 7.15

Audio Note Ultra High Quality Teflon Valve Bases

Absolutely the finest valve bases available anywhere, machined out of solid Teflon blocks and thus provides the most effective insulation for high voltage circuits, not to mention heat resistance. The pin connections are machined from phosphor bronze and heavily gold plated providing the best possible contact and tension. The pin connectors are fixed with a nut and therefore replaceable should they break as a result of misuse or due to wear. If you want the best valve sockets for your project look no further, these are the ultimate!

Type/ Valve Mounting Pin contact plating Order Code Price
UX8 for KT88/EL34/6B4G/5R4/6SN7 Chassis (below) Gold VBASE-??? 79.65
UX4 for 300B/2A3/VT62/AV32B Chassis (below) Gold VBASE-??? 79.65
B9A for ECC81/82/83/7044/5687... Chassis (below) Gold VBASE-??? 79.65
Jumbo UX4 for 845/211/VT4C Chassis (below) Gold VBASE-??? 79.65

Please note that the Jumbo UX4 base is not a bayonet type, but a true Jumbo UX4, where the valve can be pulled straight out.

You may also want to start your project with less overall cost, so in addition to the expensive Esoteric valve bases above we offer more moderately priced examples below.

Industrial Grade Valve Bases

Type/ Valve Mounting Order Code Price
4-pin for 2A3/300B Bakelite Chassis (below) VBASE-218 2.25
7-pin for OA2/6X4 PCB VBASE-215 2.55
8-pin for EC34/6550/KT66/6L6G Chassis with bracket VBASE-205 1.75
9-pin for ECC81/82/83/88... PCB VBASE-??? 1.25
9-pin for ECC81/82/83/88... Chassis (above) VBASE-??? 1.75
9-pin for ECC81/82/83/88... Chassis with shroud VBASE-3001 2.05

Audio Note Ceramic Stand-offs

In most hard wired valve powered amplifiers it is frequently difficult to get the HT and heater rails properly suspended and separated safely and neatly from the chassis, this is especially applicable to amplifiers using really high voltage directly heated triodes like 211, VT4C, 845, 849, 304TL, DA100. When planning designs like these it is important to incorporate suitable layout from the start. The Audio Note stand-offs should be more or less mandatory in that context. They are screw-in type with steatite insulator and either wrap-around or turned head on the single version, or separate solder slots on the mulit-way versions.

Type No. No. of tags Length Connection Chassis fixing Order Code Price
AN-421 1 25.5mm Wrap around Screw-in bolt CON-800 1.41
AN-422 1 17.4mm Wrap around Screw-in bolt CON-801 1.41
AN-423 1 22.6mm Solder slot Screw-in CON-802 1.41
AN-424 1 21.0mm Wrap around Screw-in CON-803 1.51
AN-425 1 12mm Wrap around Screw-in CON-805 1.71
AN-426 1 23.4mm Wrap around Screw-in bolt CON-806 1.86
AN-427 1 17mm Wrap around Screw-in bolt CON-807 1.71
AN-452 2 Adjustable, 17mm? Solder slots Screw-in CON-810 2.42
AN-454 3 Adjustable, 24mm? Solder slots Screw-in CON-811 3.05
AN-454 4 Adjustable, 31mm? Solder slots Screw-in CON-810A 4.13
AN-455 5 Adjustable, 32mm? Solder slots Screw-in CON-813 4.91
AN-458 8 Adjustable, 58mm? Solder slots Screw-in CON-817 5.79
AN-460 10 Adjustable, 72mm? Solder slots Screw-in CON-820 7.31
AN-472 2 Fixed, 8mm Solder slots Screw-in CON-832 3.07
AN-473 3 Fixed, 8mm Solder slots Screw-in CON-833 3.39
AN-475 5 Fixed, 8mm Solder slots Screw-in CON-835 4.91
AN-476 6 Adjustable, 45mm? Solder slots Screw-in CON-836 5.35
AN-449 9 Adjustable, 66mm? Solder slots Screw-in CON-839 7.53
AN-481 11 Fixed, 8mm Solder slots Screw-in CON-841 9.21

Audio Note Chassis Sets

We have decided to offer for sale two of the standard chassis that we use in production in the UK. Chassis are notoriously difficult to get on a one off basis, so here you are.

Type Length Width Height Order Code Price
Chassis 1 Aluminium 396 437 129 MWK-005 + 010 84.50
Chassis 2 Aluminium 396 294 129 MWK-055 + 064 69.50
Chassis 2 Copper (Lid aluminium) 396 294 129 MWK-059 + 010 165.50
Kit 1/ Kit 3 Chassis (Black powder coat) 400 300 50 MWK-300 + 305 78.90
Kit 1/ Kit 3 Chassis (Chromed) 400 300 50 MWK-301 + 305 16.70

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