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Resistor Price List


The Different types of resistors we have available are:-

Beyschlag Resistors

We offer three quality levels of resistors, all are 1%, starting with the Beyschlag Metal Film. These are slightly magnetic (as are the vast majority of metal film resistors), but nonetheless very good sounding, and are used in our amplifiers up to and including our Level 3 products.

Value Power Order Code


1R 1W RES-0002 O.27 ea.
1R2 1W RES-0004 O.27 ea.
1R5 1W RES-0006 O.27 ea.
1R8 1W RES-0008 O.27 ea.
2R2 1W RES-0010 O.27 ea.
2R7 1W RES-0012 O.27 ea.
3R3 1W RES-0014 O.27 ea.
3R9 1W RES-0016 O.27 ea.
4R7 1W RES-0018 O.27 ea.
5R6 1W RES-0020 O.27 ea.
6R8 1W RES-0022 O.27 ea.
8R2 1W RES-0024 O.27 ea.
10R 1W RES-0026 O.27 ea.
12R 1W RES-0028 O.11 ea.
15R 1W RES-0030 O.11 ea.
18R 1W RES-0032 O.11 ea.
22R 1W RES-0034 O.11 ea.
27R 1W RES-0036 O.11 ea.
33R 1W RES-0038 O.11 ea.
39R 1W RES-0039 O.11 ea.
47R 1W RES-0040 O.11 ea.
56R 1W RES-0042 O.11 ea.
68R 1W RES-0044 O.11 ea.
82R 1W RES-0046 O.11 ea.
100R 1W RES-0050 O.11 ea.
120R 1W RES-0052 O.11 ea.
150R 1W RES-0054 O.11 ea.
180R 1W RES-0056 O.11 ea.
220R 1W RES-0058 O.11 ea.
270R 1W RES-0060 O.11 ea.
330R 1W RES-0062 O.11 ea.
390R 1W RES-0064 O.11 ea.
470R 1W RES-0066 O.11 ea.
560R 1W RES-0068 O.11 ea.
680R 1W RES-0072 O.11 ea.
820R 1W RES-0074 O.11 ea.
1K 1W RES-0078 O.11 ea.
1K2 1W RES-0080 O.11 ea.
1K5 1W RES-0086 O.11 ea.
1K8 1W RES-0088 O.11 ea.
2K2 1W RES-0090 O.11 ea.
2K7 1W RES-0092 O.11 ea.
3K3 1W RES-0094 O.11 ea.
3K9 1W RES-0096 O.11 ea.
4K7 1W RES-0098 O.11 ea.
5K6 1W RES-0100 O.11 ea.
6K8 1W RES-0102 O.11 ea.
8K2 1W RES-0104 O.11 ea.
10K 1W RES-0108 O.11 ea.
12K 1W RES-0110 O.11 ea.
15K 1W RES-0112 O.11 ea.
18K 1W RES-0114 O.11 ea.
22K 1W RES-0116 O.11 ea.
27K 1W RES-0118 O.11 ea.
33K 1W RES-0120 O.11 ea.
39K 1W RES-0122 O.11 ea.
47K 1W RES-0124 O.11 ea.
56K 1W RES-0126 O.11 ea.
68K 1W RES-0128 O.11 ea.
82K 1W RES-0130 O.11 ea.
100K 1W RES-0132 O.11 ea.
120K 1W RES-0134 O.11 ea.
150K 1W RES-0136 O.11 ea.
180K 1W RES-0140 O.11 ea.
220K 1W RES-0144 O.11 ea.
270K 1W RES-0146 O.11 ea.
330K 1W RES-0148 O.11 ea.
390K 1W RES-0150 O.11 ea.
470K 1W RES-0152 O.11 ea.
560K 1W RES-0154 O.14 ea.
680K 1W RES-0158 O.14 ea.
820K 1W RES-0160 O.14 ea.
1M 1W RES-0162 O.14 ea.
1M2 1W RES-0164 O.14 ea.
1M5 1W RES-0166 O.14 ea.
3M3 1W RES-0168 O.14 ea.
10M 1W RES-0170 O.14 ea.


Holco Resistors

Better sound quality can be achieved with the H2 1W 1% non-magnetic resistors, which we regard as the best "industrial grade" metal film resistors available. They have one small drawback, as they are quite fragile, they require careful handling, do not bend the legs too close to the body. Holco resistors are sensitive creatures and become noisy very easily.

Value Power Order Code Price
1R 1W RES-1000 3.06 ea.
10R 1W RES-1005 O.89 ea.
12R 1W RES-1007 O.89 ea.
15R 1W RES-1010 O.89 ea.
18R 1W RES-1012 O.89 ea.
22R 1W RES-1014 O.36 ea.
27R 1W RES-1016 O.36 ea.
33R 1W RES-1018 O.36 ea.
39R 1W RES-1020 O.36 ea.
47R 1W RES-1022 O.36 ea.
56R 1W RES-1026 O.36 ea.
68R 1W RES-1028 O.36 ea.
82R 1W RES-1030 O.36 ea.
100R 1W RES-1032 O.36 ea.
120R 1W RES-1034 O.36 ea.
150R 1W RES-1036 O.36 ea.
180R 1W RES-1038 O.36 ea.
220R 1W RES-1040 O.36 ea.
270R 1W RES-1042 O.41 ea.
330R 1W RES-1044 O.41 ea.
390R 1W RES-1046 O.41 ea.
470R 1W RES-1050 O.41 ea.
560R 1W RES-1054 O.41 ea.
680R 1W RES-1058 O.41 ea.
820R 1W RES-1060 O.41 ea.
1K 1W RES-1062 O.41 ea.
1K2 1W RES-1064 O.41 ea.
1K5 1W RES-1066 O.41 ea.
1K8 1W RES-1068 O.41 ea.
2K2 1W RES-1070 O.41 ea.
2K7 1W RES-1072 O.41 ea.
3K3 1W RES-1074 O.41 ea.
3K9 1W RES-1076 O.41 ea.
4K7 1W RES-1080 O.41 ea.
5K6 1W RES-1082 O.41 ea.
6K8 1W RES-1084 O.41 ea.
8K2 1W RES-1086 O.41 ea.
10K 1W RES-1088 O.41 ea.
12K 1W RES-1090 O.41 ea.
15K 1W RES-1092 O.41 ea.
18K 1W RES-1094 O.41 ea.
22K 1W RES-1096 O.41 ea.
27K 1W RES-1098 O.41 ea.
33K 1W RES-1100 O.41 ea.
39K 1W RES-1102 O.41 ea.
47K 1W RES-1104 O.41 ea.
56K 1W RES-1106 O.41 ea.
68K 1W RES-1108 O.41 ea.
82K 1W RES-1110 O.41 ea.
100K 1W RES-1112 O.41 ea.
120K 1W RES-1114 O.41 ea.
150K 1W RES-1116 O.41 ea.
180K 1W RES-1118 O.41 ea.
220K 1W RES-1120 O.41 ea.
270K 1W RES-1122 O.41 ea.
330K 1W RES-1126 O.41 ea.
390K 1W RES-1128 O.41 ea.
470K 1W RES-1132 O.41 ea.
560K 1W RES-1136 O.41 ea.
680K 1W RES-1140 O.41 ea.
820K 1W RES-1142 O.41 ea.
1M 1W RES-1144 O.41 ea.
1M5 1W RES-1146 1.02 ea.
3M3 1W RES-1148 1.24 ea.

Allen Bradley Resistors

Due to popular demand, and general lack of other sources, we now stock a range of Allen Bradley carbon film resistors. Many experienced DIYers, like my friend Herb Reichert consider these the very best sounding for many applications.

Value Power Order Code Price
10R 1W RES-1502 2.03 ea.
12R 1W RES-1504 2.03 ea.
15R 1W RES-1506 2.03 ea.
18R 1W RES-1508 2.03 ea.
22R 1W RES-1510 2.03 ea.
27R 1W RES-1512 2.03 ea.
33R 1W RES-1514 2.03 ea.
39R 1W RES-1516 2.03 ea.
47R 1W RES-1618 2.03 ea.
56R 1W RES-1520 2.03 ea.
68R 1W RES-1522 2.03 ea.
82R 1W RES-1524 2.03 ea.
100R 1W RES-1528 2.03 ea.
120R 1W RES-1530 2.03 ea.
150R 1W RES-1532 2.03 ea.
180R 1W RES-1534 2.03 ea.
220R 1W RES-1536 2.03 ea.
270R 1W RES-1538 2.03 ea.
330R 1W RES-1540 2.03 ea.
390R 1W RES-1542 2.03 ea.
470R 1W RES-1544 2.03 ea.
560R 1W RES-1546 2.03 ea.
680R 1W RES-1550 2.03 ea.
820R 1W RES-1552 2.03 ea.
1K 1W RES-1554 2.03 ea.
1K2 1W RES-1558 2.03 ea.
1K5 1W RES-1566 2.03 ea.
1K8 1W RES-1568 2.03 ea.
2K2 1W RES-1572 2.03 ea.
2K7 1W RES-1574 2.03 ea.
3K3 1W RES-1576 2.03 ea.
3K9 1W RES-1578 2.03 ea.
4K7 1W RES-1580 2.03 ea.
5K6 1W RES-1582 2.03 ea.
6K8 1W RES-1584 2.03 ea.
8K2 1W RES-1586 2.03 ea.
10K 1W RES-1590 2.03 ea.
12K 1W RES-1592 2.03 ea.
15K 1W RES-1594 2.03 ea.
18K 1W RES-1596 2.03 ea.
22K 1W RES-1598 2.03 ea.
27K 1W RES-1600 2.03 ea.
33K 1W RES-1602 2.03 ea.
39K 1W RES-1604 2.03 ea.
47K 1W RES-1606 2.03 ea.
56K 1W RES-1608 2.03 ea.
68K 1W RES-1612 2.03 ea.
82K 1W RES-1616 2.03 ea.
100K 1W RES-1620 2.03 ea.
120K 1W RES-1622 2.03 ea.
150K 1W RES-1624 2.03 ea.
180K 1W RES-1628 2.03 ea.
220K 1W RES-1632 2.03 ea.
270K 1W RES-1636 2.03 ea.
330K 1W RES-1638 2.03 ea.
390K 1W RES-1642 2.03 ea.
470K 1W RES-1646 2.03 ea.
560K 1W RES-1648 2.03 ea.
680K 1W RES-1650 2.03 ea.
820K 1W RES-1652 2.03 ea.
1M 1W RES-1654 2.03 ea.
10M 1W RES-1662 2.03 ea.

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