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Resistor Price List

The Different types of resistors we have available are:-

Audio Note 0.5W 1% Tantalum Resistors

With our in-house usage of tantalum resistors increasing all the time, and the Shinkoh becoming harder and harder to get in quantity, we have found it necessary to second source the 0.5W values in addition to the 1W already offered. The Audio Note tantalum resistors share most aspects of the Shinkoh.

Value Power Order Code Price
10R 0.5W RES-3102 1.99 ea.
12R 0.5W RES-3104 1.99 ea.
15R 0.5W RES-3106 1.99 ea.
18R 0.5W RES-3108 1.99 ea.
22R 0.5W RES-3110 1.99 ea.
27R 0.5W RES-3112 1.99 ea.
33R 0.5W RES-3114 1.99 ea.
39R 0.5W RES-3116 1.99 ea.
47R 0.5W RES-3118 1.99 ea.
56R 0.5W RES-3120 1.99 ea.
68R 0.5W RES-3122 1.99 ea.
82R 0.5W RES-3124 1.99 ea.
91R 0.5W RES-3126 1.99 ea.
100R 0.5W RES-3128 1.99 ea.
120R 0.5W RES-3130 1.99 ea.
150R 0.5W RES-3132 1.99 ea.
180R 0.5W RES-3134 1.99 ea.
220R 0.5W RES-3136 1.99 ea.
270R 0.5W RES-3138 1.99 ea.
330R 0.5W RES-3140 1.99 ea.
390R 0.5W RES-3142 1.99 ea.
470R 0.5W RES-3144 1.99 ea.
560R 0.5W RES-3146 1.99 ea.
600R 0.5W RES-3148 1.99 ea.
680R 0.5W RES-3150 1.99 ea.
820R 0.5W RES-3152 1.99 ea.
910R 0.5W RES-3154 1.99 ea.
1K 0.5W RES-3156 1.99 ea.
1K1 0.5W RES-3158 1.99 ea.
1K2 0.5W RES-3160 1.99 ea.
1K24 0.5W RES-3162 1.99 ea.
1K33 0.5W RES-3164 1.99 ea.
1K5 0.5W RES-3166 1.99 ea.
1K8 0.5W RES-3168 1.99 ea.
2K 0.5W RES-3170 1.99 ea.
2K2 0.5W RES-3172 1.99 ea.
2K7 0.5W RES-3174 1.99 ea.
3K3 0.5W RES-3176 1.99 ea.
3K9 0.5W RES-3178 1.99 ea.
4K7 0.5W RES-3180 1.99 ea.
5K6 0.5W RES-3182 1.99 ea.
6K8 0.5W RES-3184 1.99 ea.
8K2 0.5W RES-3186 1.99 ea.
9K1 0.5W RES-3188 1.99 ea.
10K 0.5W RES-3190 1.99 ea.
12K 0.5W RES-3192 1.99 ea.
15K 0.5W RES-3194 1.99 ea.
18K 0.5W RES-3196 1.99 ea.
22K 0.5W RES-3198 1.99 ea.
27K 0.5W RES-3200 1.99 ea.
33K 0.5W RES-3202 1.99 ea.
39K 0.5W RES-3204 1.99 ea.
47K 0.5W RES-3206 1.99 ea.
56K 0.5W RES-3208 1.99 ea.
62K 0.5W RES-3210 1.99 ea.
68K 0.5W RES-3212 1.99 ea.
75K 0.5W RES-3214 1.99 ea.
82K 0.5W RES-3216 1.99 ea.
91K 0.5W RES-3218 1.99 ea.
100K 0.5W RES-3220 1.99 ea.
120K 0.5W RES-3222 1.99 ea.
150K 0.5W RES-3224 1.99 ea.
178K 0.5W RES-3226 1.99 ea.
180K 0.5W RES-3228 1.99 ea.
182K 0.5W RES-3230 1.99 ea.
220K 0.5W RES-3232 1.99 ea.
250K 0.5W RES-3234 1.99 ea.
270K 0.5W RES-3236 1.99 ea.
330K 0.5W RES-3238 1.99 ea.
390K 0.5W RES-3240 1.99 ea.
470K 0.5W RES-3242 1.99 ea.
510K 0.5W RES-3244 1.99 ea.
560K 0.5W RES-3246 1.99 ea.
620K 0.5W RES-3248 1.99 ea.
680K 0.5W RES-3250 1.99 ea.
820K 0.5W RES-3252 1.99 ea.
1M 0.5W RES-3254 1.99 ea.

Audio Note 1W 1% Tantalum Resistors

Up till now the tantalum film resistors have been extremely difficult to get, however, after much persuasion and against a minimum quantity guarantee from Audio Note UK, The manufacturers have agreed to widen the range of 0.5W and reintroduce the 1W range which has become an exclusive range for Audio Note, we consider this to be a major breakthrough, since without a reasonable range of values at the 1W rating it is pretty difficult to get the very best out of the best circuits.

Value Power Order Code Price
10R 1W RES-3502 3.70 ea.
12R 1W RES-3504 3.70 ea.
15R 1W RES-3506 3.70 ea.
18R 1W RES-3508 3.70 ea.
22R 1W RES-3510 3.70 ea.
27R 1W RES-3512 3.70 ea.
33R 1W RES-3514 3.70 ea.
39R 1W RES-3516 3.70 ea.
47R 1W RES-3518 3.70 ea.
56R 1W RES-3520 3.70 ea.
68R 1W RES-3522 3.70 ea.
82R 1W RES-3524 3.70 ea.
91R 1W RES-3526 3.70 ea.
100R 1W RES-3528 3.70 ea.
120R 1W RES-3530 3.70 ea.
150R 1W RES-3532 3.70 ea.
180R 1W RES-3534 3.70 ea.
220R 1W RES-3536 3.70 ea.
270R 1W RES-3538 3.70 ea.
330R 1W RES-3540 3.70 ea.
390R 1W RES-3542 3.70 ea.
470R 1W RES-3544 3.70 ea.
560R 1W RES-3546 3.70 ea.
600R 1W RES-3548 3.70 ea.
604R 1W RES-3549 3.70 ea.
680R 1W RES-3550 3.70 ea.
820R 1W RES-3552 3.70 ea.
910R 1W RES-3554 3.70 ea.
1K 1W RES-3556 3.70 ea.
1K1 1W RES-3558 3.70 ea.
1K2 1W RES-3560 3.70 ea.
1K24 1W RES-3562 3.70 ea.
1K33 1W RES-3564 3.70 ea.
1K5 1W RES-3566 3.70 ea.
1K8 1W RES-3568 3.70 ea.
2K 1W RES-3570 3.70 ea.
2K2 1W RES-3572 3.70 ea.
2K7 1W RES-3574 3.70 ea.
3K3 1W RES-3576 3.70 ea.
3K9 1W RES-3578 3.70 ea.
4K7 1W RES-3580 3.70 ea.
5K1 1W RES-3581 3.70 ea.
5K6 1W RES-3582 3.70 ea.
6K8 1W RES-3584 3.70 ea.
8K2 1W RES-3586 3.70 ea.
9K1 1W RES-3588 3.70 ea.
10K 1W RES-3590 3.70 ea.
12K 1W RES-3592 3.70 ea.
15K 1W RES-3594 3.70 ea.
17K 1W RES-3595 3.70 ea.
18K 1W RES-3596 3.70 ea.
22K 1W RES-3598 3.70 ea.
27K 1W RES-3600 3.70 ea.
33K 1W RES-3602 3.70 ea.
39K 1W RES-3604 3.70 ea.
47K 1W RES-3606 3.70 ea.
50K 1W RES-3607 3.70 ea.
56K 1W RES-3608 3.70 ea.
62K 1W RES-3610 3.70 ea.
68K 1W RES-3612 3.70 ea.
75K 1W RES-3614 3.70 ea.
82K 1W RES-3616 3.70 ea.
91K 1W RES-3618 3.70 ea.
100K 1W RES-3620 3.70 ea.
120K 1W RES-3622 3.70 ea.
150K 1W RES-3624 3.70 ea.
178K 1W RES-3626 3.70 ea.
180K 1W RES-3628 3.70 ea.
182K 1W RES-3630 3.70 ea.
220K 1W RES-3632 3.70 ea.
250K 1W RES-3634 3.70 ea.
270K 1W RES-3636 3.70 ea.
330K 1W RES-3638 3.70 ea.
390K 1W RES-3640 3.70 ea.
470K 1W RES-3642 3.70 ea.
510K 1W RES-3644 3.70 ea.
560K 1W RES-3646 3.70 ea.
620K 1W RES-3648 3.70 ea.
680K 1W RES-3650 3.70 ea.
820K 1W RES-3652 3.70 ea.
1M 1W RES-3654 3.70 ea.
1M2 1W RES-3656 3.70 ea.
1M5 1W RES-3658 3.70 ea.
2M 1W RES-3660 3.70 ea.

Audio Note Tantalum 2W 1% Resistors

In many applications 2Watt resistors sound much better than 0.5Watt or 1Watt equivalent. Mr. Kondo uses 2Watt resistors consistently in many places rather than the smaller wattage for reasons of sound quality only.

Value Power Order Code Price
10R 2W RES-4102 5.85 ea.
12R 2W RES-4104 5.85 ea.
18R 2W RES-4108 5.85 ea.
22R 2W RES-4110 5.85 ea.
27R 2W RES-4112 5.85 ea.
33R 2W RES-4114 5.85 ea.
39R 2W RES-4116 5.85 ea.
47R 2W RES-4118 5.85 ea.
56R 2W RES-4120 5.85 ea.
68R 2W RES-4122 5.85 ea.
82R 2W RES-4124 5.85 ea.
91R 2W RES-4126 5.85 ea.
100R 2W RES-4128 5.85 ea.
120R 2W RES-4130 5.85 ea.
150R 2W RES-4132 5.85 ea.
180R 2W RES-4134 5.85 ea.
220R 2W RES-4136 5.85 ea.
270R 2W RES-4138 5.85 ea.
330R 2W RES-4140 5.85 ea.
390R 2W RES-4142 5.85 ea.
470R 2W RES-4144 5.85 ea.
560R 2W RES-4146 5.85 ea.
600R 2W RES-4148 5.85 ea.
680R 2W RES-4150 5.85 ea.
820R 2W RES-4152 5.85 ea.
910R 2W RES-4154 5.85 ea.
1K 2W RES-4156 5.85 ea.
1K2 2W RES-4160 5.85 ea.
1K5 2W RES-4166 5.85 ea.
1K8 2W RES-4168 5.85 ea.
2K 2W RES-4170 5.85 ea.
2K2 2W RES-4172 5.85 ea.
2K7 2W RES-4174 5.85 ea.
3K3 2W RES-4176 5.85 ea.
3K9 2W RES-4178 5.85 ea.
4K7 2W RES-4180 5.85 ea.
5K1 2W RES-4181 5.85 ea.
5K6 2W RES-4182 5.85 ea.
6K8 2W RES-4184 5.85 ea.
7K5 2W RES-4185 5.85 ea.
8K2 2W RES-4186 5.85 ea.
9K1 2W RES-4188 5.85 ea.
10K 2W RES-4190 5.85 ea.
12K 2W RES-4192 5.85 ea.
15K 2W RES-4194 5.85 ea.
18K 2W RES-4196 5.85 ea.
20K 2W RES-4197 5.85 ea.
22K 2W RES-4198 5.85 ea.
27K 2W RES-4200 5.85 ea.
33K 2W RES-4202 5.85 ea.
39K 2W RES-4204 5.85 ea.
43K 2W RES-4205 5.85 ea.
47K 2W RES-4206 5.85 ea.
56K 2W RES-4208 5.85 ea.
62K 2W RES-4210 5.85 ea.
68K 2W RES-4212 5.85 ea.
75K 2W RES-4214 5.85 ea.
82K 2W RES-4216 5.85 ea.
91K 2W RES-4218 5.85 ea.
100K 2W RES-4220 5.85 ea.
120K 2W RES-4222 5.85 ea.
150K 2W RES-4224 5.85 ea.
178K 2W RES-4226 5.85 ea.
180K 2W RES-4228 5.85 ea.
182K 2W RES-4229 5.85 ea.
200K 2W RES-4230 5.85 ea.
220K 2W RES-4232 5.85 ea.
250K 2W RES-4234 5.85 ea.
270K 2W RES-4236 5.85 ea.
330K 2W RES-4238 5.85 ea.
390K 2W RES-4240 5.85 ea.
470K 2W RES-4242 5.85 ea.
510K 2W RES-4244 5.85 ea.
560K 2W RES-4246 5.85 ea.
620K 2W RES-4248 5.85 ea.
680K 2W RES-4250 5.85 ea.
820K 2W RES-4252 5.85 ea.
910K 2W RES-4253 5.85 ea.
1M 2W RES-4254 5.85 ea.
1M5 2W RES-4258 5.85 ea.
2M 2W RES-4260 5.85 ea.

Audio Note Precision 1% Carbon Film Resistors

In addition to the Tantalum Film resistors, a range of Audio Note 1% precision non magnetic carbon film resistors with gold plated oxygen free copper legs is available. In many cases the carbon film resistor is sonically preferable to even the tantalum film, not just if you are building an amplifier based on an old circuit, like for example the WE91 or other circuit of similar vintage, but in general. We shall be stocking values suitable for projects like the WE91 in 0.5W and 1W values. These resistors are made especially for us by a major manufacturer.

Value Power Order Code Price
150R 0.5W RES-5032 3.30 ea.
620R 0.5W RES-5048 3.30 ea.
6K8 0.5W RES-5082 3.30 ea.
47K 0.5W RES-5106 3.30 ea.
47R 1W RES-5518 4.85 ea.
100R 1W RES-5528 4.85 ea.
620R 0.5W RES-5548 4.85 ea.
1K 0.5W RES-5556 4.85 ea.
6K8 0.5W RES-5582 4.85 ea.
22K 0.5W RES-5598 4.85 ea.
47K 0.5W RES-5606 4.85 ea.
100K 0.5W RES-5620 4.85 ea.
249K 0.5W RES-5634 4.85 ea.
470K 0.5W RES-5642 4.85 ea.
1M 0.5W RES-5654 4.85 ea.
3M3 0.5W RES-5662 4.85 ea.

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