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Resistor Price List

The Different types of resistors we have available are:-

High Wattage Wire Wound Resistors

As a new item we are now offering a range of 2 - 15Watt Wirewound resistors all rated at 5% tolerance.

Value Power Order Code Price
R22 6W RES-0318 0.86 ea.
R39 6W RES-0319 0.86 ea.
R68 6W RES-0320 0.86 ea.
1R 6W RES-0321 0.86 ea.
3R3 6W RES-0322 0.86 ea.
10R 6W RES-0326 0.86 ea.
47R 6W RES-0328 0.86 ea.
100R 6W RES-0330 0.86 ea.
180R 6W RES-0332 0.86 ea.
200R 6W RES-0334 0.86 ea.
220R 6W RES-0338 0.86 ea.
330R 6W RES-0340 0.86 ea.
470R 6W RES-0346 0.86 ea.
560R 6W RES-0354 0.86 ea.
1K 6W RES-0360 0.86 ea.
1K2 6W RES-0362 0.86 ea.
1K5 6W RES-0365 0.86 ea.
1K8 6W RES-0366 0.86 ea.
2K2 6W RES-0369 0.86 ea.
2K7 6W RES-0372 0.86 ea.
7K5 6W RES-0378 0.86 ea.
10K 6W RES-0379 1.32 ea.
15K 6W RES-0380 1.32 ea.
20K 6W RES-0381 1.32 ea.
100R 9W RES-0382 1.24 ea.
1K5 9W RES-0384 1.24 ea.
1K8 9W RES-0386 1.24 ea.
4K7 9W RES-0388 1.24 ea.
5K 9W RES-0389 1.24 ea.
10K 9W RES-0390 1.24 ea.


Best available for sound quality - price viewpoint, made by Noble in Japan, High quality plastic film.

Construction Value Type Order Code Price
Frame PCB 100K Stereo Log SWITCH-200 4.95 ea.
Frame PCB 100K Log Balance SWITCH-205 4.95 ea.
Encapsulated PCB 100K Stereo Log SWITCH-210 18.65 ea.
Encapsulated PCB 100K Log Balance SWITCH-215 18.65 ea.

A better alternative is the Ko-on type which are used in preamplifiers like the M7 Tube, M7 Line and in Mono version on the inputs of the Neiro, Kassai, Kegon and Gaku-On. These are very good sounding pots by any standard.

Construction Value Type Order Code Price
Encapsulated 100K Stereo Log SWITCH-271 32.25 ea.
Large encapsulated 100K Mono Log SWITCH-272 70.65 ea.
Large Encap HQ 100K Stereo Log SWITCH-273 107.45 ea.
Encapsulated PCB 100K Log Balance SWITCH-274 32.25 ea.

Audio Note High Quality stepped Attenuators and Switches

These hand made attenuators and switches are manufactured by a friend of Mr. Kondo of Audio Note, and represent the best available volume controls and switches you can use in your preamplifier, the attenuators are 48 stepped and with silver/rhodium plated contacts/brushes made with an array of tantalum film resistors. The switches feature silver plated contacts with a self cleaning action. Used in the M10 preamplifier - serious stuff!

Value Type Order Code Price
100K Stereo attenuator SWITCH-260 221.75 ea.
50K Stereo attenuator SWITCH-265 221.75 ea.
100K Stereo attenuator SWITCH-270 237.75 ea.
250K Stereo attenuator SWITCH-270A 262.55 ea.
500K Stereo attenuator SWITCH-270B 267.45 ea.
2-pole/6-way 2 channel switch SWITCH-280 98.75 ea.
4-pole/6-way 2 channel switch SWITCH-280 124.75 ea.

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