Audio Note Tonearms
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The Arm 1

AN arm1This arm is a respecified Rega Research RB250 arm that is wired internally with Audio Note copper wire and the leadout wire is the highly respected AN~a copper Litz construction. This marriage of technology between Audio Note and Rega has created a budget tone arm without peers at its price.



The Arm 2

AN arm2The Audio Note Arm 2 is also a culmination of ideas between Audio Note and Rega Research. In this tonearm we have reworked the acclaimed Rega RB300 by internally wiring the arm with AN~ai a pure silver conductor of the highest quality. The leadout wire is AN~v which is 99.99% pure silver 15 strand Litz construction. Once again our objective has been to create the finest value for money arm in the world.

The Arm 3

AN arm3

An elegant beast hand made in very low volume.

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