Audio Note Transformer Price List
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Transformer Price List

The Different types of transformers we have available are:-

Output Transformers

We are in the process of building up four separate ranges of Audio Note output transformers in order to offer the best possible outputs at different price points - they fall into four categories:-

  1. Economic range, where the price/quality range is carefully calculated to ensure audio quality in a compact package. The quality criteria for this range are 20Hz-20KHz -1 to -1.5dB IE-core with silicon steel laminations supplied with frames. The main cost saving being the use of smaller cores, specified to the exact power level required rather than over specifying by 50% or 100% as we do on the Group B.
  2. Mid-priced range, These are typically 20Hz - 40KHz -1.5dB IE-core with silicon steel laminations wound with Oxygen free copper supplied with frames (or shrouds if requested) with flying leads.
  3. High quality range, this is a range of double C-core outputs for Single ended circuits exclusively, not Push Pull outputs will be offered unless demand requires. Typically 16Hz - 50KHz -1.5dB Stripwound double C-core made from the best available silicon steel - these outputs compare more than favourably with the best types from years gone by, and from other current sources like Partridge, Tango and Tamura.
  4. Audio Note silver wired range - specially selected.


All primary impedances are calculated for Class A operation, with the main consideration given to maximum dynamic power transfer ability and minimum distortion.
All our single ended output transformers are air gapped and the maximum standing current before saturation is indicated.
All our output transformers are tested on insulation levels of minimum 3KV except our 845/211 output transformers which are flash tested at 5KV.

We generally overspecify our transformers by 50% power for push pull operation and 100% for single ended.
We do not give any further technical information on our output transformers as we do not wish to take part in technical competitions. Our products are designed to criteria which are, and will be understood once they are listened to!

In addition to the output transformers listed, we offer a design service where we can supply almost any requirement for wideband transformers, whether for microphones, moving coil cartridges, line input, phase splitter, interstage, driver or power output.
We design prototypes in-house. The cost for the paper design is 200.00, the prototype cost is calculated on a per case basis. We can also produce in production quantities.

Sizes are given as width x height x depth.

Mains Transformers

This range relates to our finished products, mains transformers are notoriously difficult items to offer as the number of permutations of HT and filament voltages are almost endless. We have added transformers for making replicas of the Kassai and Ongaku, as there have been considerable call for these. Likewise we are preparing mains transformers for the WE91 described in Sound Practices Issue 1, we shall continue to expand the range as opportunities and our experience of your requirements improve.

Mains Transformers

Primaries Secondary 1 Secondary 2 Secondary 3 Secondary 4 Secondary 5 Order Code Price
2x 0-100-110-120V 0-290V @ 40mA 0-6.3V @ 300mA

TRANS-005 26.00
0-100-110-120V 0-290V @ 40mA 0-6.3V @ 300mA

TRANS-007 26.00
2x 0-100-110-120V 300-0-300V@ 60mA 0-12.6V @ 1.5A 0-6.3V @ 600mA

TRANS-010 46.00
0-100-110-120V 0-230V @ 350mA 0-12.6V @ 1A 3.15-0-3.15V @ 4A

2x 0-100-110-120V 0-230V @ 350mA 0-12.6V @ 1A 3.15-0-3.15V @ 4A

2x 0-100-110-120V 310-244-0-244-310V 0-12.6V 3.15-0-3.15V

2x 0-100-110-120V 380-0-380V @ 130mA 3.15-0-3.15V @ 750mA 0-7.4V @ 3A 0-5V @ 3A
TRANS-031 95.60
0-220-230-240V 250-0-250V @ 300mA 0-150V @ 50mA 0-6.3V @ 2A 0-5V @ 3A 2x 0-2.5V
@ 5A
2x 0-110-115-120V 390-0-390V @ 200mA 0-170V @ 50mA 0-5V @ 2A

TRANS-060 107.00
2x 0-100-110-120V 380-0-380V @ 260mA 0-150V @ 150mA 6.3-0-6.3V @ 2.5A 2x 0-10V @5.25A 4x 0-5V
@ 3A
TRANS-061 137.00

Driver, Interstage & Preamp Output Transformers

Type Primary Z Secondary Z Standing I Suggested valves Order Code Price
Preamp O/P 10K 600R (CT) 30mA
(parallel operation)
5687/ 6SN7/ E182CC/ 12BH7 TRANS-011 96.00
Driver 10K SE 10K 80mA 2A3/ 300B TRANS-012 117.00
Driver 10K SE 10K 10mA 6SN7/ ECC82/ 6189W/ 12BH7 TRANS-013 78.85
Driver 10K SE 10K 20mA 5687/ 7044/ 7119/ 6FQ7 TRANS-014 89.00
MC matching 3R & 120R 100K

TRANS-465 51.50
MC matching 15R & 600R 100K

TRANS-470 51.50
MC matching high quality 3R & 120R 100K

TRANS-460 78.20
MC matching high quality 15R & 600R 100K

TRANS-455 78.20
Line matching high quality 150R & 600R 2K5

TRANS-450 78.20
Line matching high quality 25 & 100R 2k6

TRANS-475 78.20
Line matching high quality 150R 150R

TRANS-410 101.50
Line matching high quality 150R 600R

TRANS-415 101.50
Silver Line matching high quality 150R 150R

TRANS-420 378.60
Silver MC matching high quality 3R & 12R 100K

TRANS-476 378.60

Single Ended Output Transformers

Recommended valves Configuration Max. power "Class-A" Group Primary Z Secondary Z Size Max. I Order Code Price
2A3/6B4G PSE 30W B 1K25 4/8 Ohm 98x82x95 130mA TRANS-115 113.00
300B PSE 50W B 1K25 4/8 Ohm 135x115x125 180mA TRANS-120 151.00
EL34/6CA7 PSE 30W B 1K5 4/8 Ohm 115x98x95 180mA TRANS-130 113.00
5881/KT66 PSE 30W B 2K1 4/8 Ohm 115x98x95 140mA TRANS-135 106.00
6550/KT88 PSE 60W B 2K3 4/8 Ohm
110mA TRANS-138 123.00
845 PSE 50W B 2K5 4/8 Ohm 137x114x130 180mA TRANS-140 172.00
300B/2A3/6B4G SE 15W A 2K5 4/8 Ohm 80x67x68 90mA TRANS-144 44.50
EL84/ECL86/6V6 PSE 20W B 2K6 4/8 Ohm 117x98x90 110mA TRANS-150 87.00
300B/2A3/6B4G SE 25W B 2K5 4/8 Ohm 117x98x90 90mA TRANS-152 91.00
EL34/6550/KT88 SE 20W B 3K 4/8 Ohm 117x98x92 90mA TRANS-153 104.00
6L6G SE 30W B 3K 4/8 Ohm 115x98x95 140mA TRANS-155 107.00
211/VT4C PSE 75W B 5K 4/8 Ohm 137x115x145 240mA TRANS-180 237.00
300B/2A3/6B4G SE 25W B 2K5 4/8/16 Ohm 117x98x90 90mA TRANS-189 102.00
211/VT4C/845 SE 50W B 10K 4/8 Ohm 150x134x112 150mA TRANS-205 124.00
300B/2A3/6B4G SE 25W C 2K5 4/8/16 Ohm
90mA TRANS-300 360.00
300B PSE 50W C 1K25 4/8/16 Ohm 165x110x138 180mA TRANS-305 396.00
211/VT4C SE 50W C 10K 4/8/16 Ohm 165x148x140 150mA TRANS-310 410.00
300B/2A3/6B4G SE 25W D 2K5 4/8 Ohm 117x98x90 90mA TRANS-400 1,645.00
211/VT4C/845 SE 25W D 10K 4/8 Ohm 112x134x150 150mA TRANS-410 1,975.00

Push-Pull Output Transformers

Recommended valves Configuration Max. power "Class-A" Group Primary Z Secondary Z Size Order Code Price
KT88/6550 UL PP/PPP 100W B 2K2 4/8/16 Ohm 150x147x118 TRANS-137 134.60
EL34/KT66/5881 PPP 50W B 3K 4/8 Ohm 98x83x82 TRANS-160 74.00
KT88/6550 UL PP 60W B 4K3 4/8/16 Ohm 125x10x113 TRANS-170 111.60
2A3/6B4G/300B PP 30W B 5K 4/8 Ohm 88x80x73 TRANS-175 63.00
EL34/6L6G/5881 PP 25W B 6K 4/8 Ohm 88x80x73 TRANS-185 59.00
KT88/6550 PP 50W B 6K6 4/8 Ohm 108x91x90 TRANS-190 73.00
845 PP 50W B 6K8 4/8 Ohm 108x91x90 TRANS-195 114.00
EL84/ECL86/6V6 PP 15W B 8K 4/8 Ohm 80x68x67 TRANS-200 42.00


Inductance Current Size Order Code Price
3H 250mA
CHOKE-125 24.00
5H 150mA
CHOKE-140 21.00
5H 400mA
CHOKE-145 31.00
10H 125mA 76x74x63 CHOKE-160 26.00
10H 200mA 98x83x65 CHOKE-165 33.00
20H 50mA 68x58x56 CHOKE-180 24.00


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