Audio Note Turntables
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The TT1

An TT1 side elevation
The Audio Note TT1 turntable is a three point fully floating suspended sub chassis model derived from the award winning Systemdeck IIX. The platter is a acrylic platform and drive to the platter is provided by a round rubber belt.

Avaliable also in Black Ash.

Shown here with an AN1 arm and an IQ cartridge

The TT3

plinth 1

This model also employs the three point fully floating suspended sub chassis principle but uses a three motor AC system for the transmission of power to the acrylic platter - the principle being that the platter is light and for absolute rock stable revolutions of the platter the energy lies in the motors and their transmission rather than the energy stored in the mass of the platter - and as a result produces a very lively dynamic signal reproduction.

The AC motors are driven by a crystal locked power supply so therefore are not dependent or affected by fluctuations of the mains and indeed as a result of this are very stable.

A variety of different plinths are available - some of which are shown opposite ranging from the standard Black Ash to Ash, Mahogany, Cherry and a host of elegant woods and finishes.TT3 - Full pic

A number of different arm boards can be supplied to cover most makes of tonearm - so please specify with the order.

Shown here with an AN2 arm and an IO cartridge



The TT3-Reference

TT3 Reference big picThis operates on exactly the same principles as the TT3 taken further - ie bigger is better - the three motors are more than double the size of the ones used in the TT3 and the power supply is huge! The platter is made from Lexan - a bullet proof material - Why? you may ask (and so do I).

The plinth is crafted from a choice of beautifully finished woods so not only is it one of the best sounding decks, it looks stunning too - (one to remember then you're contemplating squeezing it past your partner, who just happens to be standing by the front door hands on hips, as you arrive home with a grin like a Cheshire cat and a bunch of roses under the other arm).

TT3 Reference big pic
See, I told you the power supply was big!

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