Audio Note Valve Price List
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Valve Price List

VT4C Valve

The Different types of Audio Note selected valves we have available are:-

Rectifier Valves

Type Description Order Code Price
5U4G Russian VALVE-0600 6.11
5Y3GT Russian VALVE-0620 2.25
5Y3GT Sylvania VALVE-0640 3.95
GZ34/5AR4 Russian VALVE-0680 8.75
GZ34/CV1377 Mullard VALVE-0700 75.00
GZ37/CV378 U.K. VALVE-0720 19.85
5R4WGB Cetron USA VALVE-0740 24.55
6X4R Russian VALVE-0760 3.75
6X5 Russian VALVE-0780 6.25

Triode Valves

Type Description Order Code Price
ECC81 Yugoslavia VALVE-0133 4.95
ECC83/12AX7WA/7025 Sovtek VALVE-0020 2.95
ECC83 Super/12AX7WB Sovtek VALVE-0040 3.95
E83CC01/12AX7WXT/7025 Sovtek - low microphony VALVE-0060 2.85
6072A General Electric VALVE-0800 11.45
12AY7 General Electric VALVE-0081 13.45
E88CC/6922/6DJ8WA/7308 Sovtek VALVE-0100 4.75
6DJ8 Phillips/ECG USA VALVE-1239 6.20
ECC82 Phillips VALVE-0140 5.95
ECC82 Yugoslavia VALVE-0142 4.95
6SN7GT Russian VALVE-0160 3.85
6SN7WGTA Sylvania VALVE-0180 16.95
6SL7GT Russian VALVE-0200 3.25
6350WA U.S.A. VALVE-0220 10.35
5687 Sylvania USA VALVE-0240 9.85
E182CC/7119/7044 General Electric USA VALVE-0260 14.75
ECL82/6BM8 Sovtek VALVE-0280 2.65
300B Audio Note branded Chinese VALVE-0480 56.45
300B Sovtek VALVE-0482 65.15
UV211 Audio Note branded Chinese VALVE-0500 29.45
AN-845 Audio Note branded Chinese VALVE-0520 33.45
2A3 Chinese VALVE-0580 17.95
6C33 Russian VALVE-0540 19.99
6AS7/6080 Russian VALVE-0560 6.45

Tetrode Valves

Type Description Order Code Price
6L6G Russian VALVE-0360 2.75
5881/KT66/6L6WGC Sovtek VALVE-0400 4.51
6L6WGC Philips/Sylvania VALVE-0341 16.75
5881WXT Sovtek VALVE-0420 5.55
6CA7/EL34 Sovtek VALVE-0440 8.85
6550WA Russian VALVE-0231 14.75
6550WB Russian VALVE-0232 16.75
KT88 Tesla Slovakian VALVE-0235 16.75
KT88 Tesla Czech VALVE-0236 19.95
6V6GT Sovtek VALVE-0340 2.45

Pentode Valves

Type Description Order Code Price
ECL82/6BM8 Sovtek VALVE-0280 2.65
EL84/6BQ5 Russian VALVE-0300 1.55
EL84M/6BQ5WA Russian VALVE-0320 4.51
EL34G Sovtek VALVE-0460 6.45
EF86/6267/Z729 Russian VALVE-0120 6.20
6SJ7WGT Sylvania VALVE-0210 7.75
KT90 Yugoslavian VALVE-0239 21.65


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