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Japanese Product Range

Audio Note Japanese products are all designed by Hiroyasu Kondo, the founder and president of the Audio Note corporation.

Special attention is paid to the quality of the components, and where the required standard cannot be found, Kondo has made his own. This is the case with his silver capacitors and output transformers - which in the Ongaku are hand wound under a microscope containing a silver content of about 4kg, and taking some 90 hours to make.



Neiro The penultimate 2A3 amplifier featuring a zero feedback parallel single ended output stage with a precision handwound output transformer using age annealed copper wire on both primary and secondary windings, silver foil signal capacitors, hardwired circuit using Audio Note 99.99% pure silver cable, stereo chassis made from pure copper, power supply with valve rectifier, choke and cerafine electrolytics.


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Built on a copper chassis with in-house hand wound output transformers using age annealed copper wire on the primary winding and Audio Note 99.99% pure silver wire on the secondary winding. Including dual power supplies with valve rectifiers and choke, hardwired silver circuit with our paper in oil signal capacitors, and again with no feedback employed.





M7 Tube (For more information on M7 and M10.)

M7 Line Full facility preamplifier with phono and line functions, the phono stage is a high quality passive equalizer between two gain stages, with an anode follower linestage. The circuit is wired by hand with silver wire as is Audio Notes custom, using tantalum film resistors and paper in oil signal capacitors. The power supply is valve rectified with smoothing from Cerafine electrolytics. The whole chassis is made from copper. There is no feedback employed in the circuit. The amplification stages use the best double triodes available, the 6072wa, whose linearity and gain are unequaled. The potentiometers are specially made carbon film type and all switching is via double silver contacts.

M7 Tube Silver

Version of the M7 Tube with handmade Audio Note silver foil capacitors replacing the standard paper in oil type.

M7 Phono

The phono stage for the analogue enthusiast. Originally made for the Ongaku the M7 Phono has MM-input with passive equalization, hand wired with silver cable, silver foil capacitors, copper chassis, valve rectified power supply with Cerafine electrolytic capacitors.

M7 Function

The matching line amplifier for the M7 Phono, in other words Ongaku quality design and construction. Inputs include CD, Aux, Video, 1+2 Tape in (and Out)


M7 Function Silver

As M7 Function But with the Audio Note silver foil signal capacitors instead of our standard paper in oil type.



the ultimate 2A3 amplifier, whilst fundamentally similar in circuit design and configuration to the Neiro the Kageki has in-house designed and wound silver wired output transformers, a substantially strengthened power supply and is made to much tighter specifications than the Neiro.



Ongaku The original, much praised, and considered by some,"the best".Like all other Audio Note products the ONGAKU is built to the most painstaking specifications in the audio industry.
It features precision in-house handwound output transformers using Audio Notes 99.99% pure silver wire, silver foil signal capacitors, valve rectified power supply with chokes, Cerafine power supply capacitors and a single ended output stage with original General Electric VT4C directly heated power triodes yielding 27 watts in pure class-A.
The unanimous acclaim it has received is testament to the superiority of its circuit design, component choice and the extreme care with which it is made, all of which far exceed the highest standard the industry have thus far experienced and acknowledged.



The Ultimate Western Electric 300B amplifier. This stereo amplifier features precision handwound silver wired output transformers , parallel single ended output stage, zero feedback, copper chassis, dual valve rectified power supplies with chokes, hardwired circuit with Audio Note 99.99% pure silver cable, Audio Note silver foil signal capacitors, 5687 driver stage and 6072A input valves.



Audio Notes top of the range power amplifiers delivering a healthy 45 watts of pure class-A power from parallel single ended 211 valves housed in mono copper chassis. As would be expected Audio Note silver wired with Audio Note hand made silver foil capacitors, Tantalum film resistors, valve rectification, and a host of other goodies.

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