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U.K. Product Range

Audio Note products are arranged into levels according to their performance standards. Each performance standard is derived from the culmination of many years of experience with extensive measured and sonic testing of a huge range of passive & reactive components in a great many circuit topologies.

Where we have been unable to satisfy our quest for ultimate quality with components we have designed and fabricated our own. This is evident in our Japanese manufactured amplifiers like the world renowned Ongaku (with its specially selected hand wound silver output transformers and meticulously made silver capacitors) right through to our entry level products with our Audio Note British designed output transformers.

This experience has allowed us to form a hierarchy of features, of which we hold dear to our hearts. The criteria determining the structure of the levels of our extensive range of products is as follows:-

  1. Pure Class A Operation
  2. Single Ended Operation
  3. Zero Feedback
  4. Directly Heated Triode Output Stage
  5. Valve Rectification
  6. Materials and Component Quality

Our products are divided up into the following categories:-

Level e Analogue } must include at least one of the six criteria
} listed above.
Level 1
Level 2 at least two of the above criteria
Level 3 at least three of the above criteria

Whilst this holds true for our amplifiers, our other products within these ranges are designed to complement the amplifiers within the level of which they lie.

To know more about our analogue products.

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